Gift Your Family Clear and Clean Drinking Water This Holi

While playing with colours, it’s next to impossible to prevent them from entering our body or coming in contact with our eyes. These are chemicals that are proven to cause a range of health issues such as kidney failure, skin allergies, eye allergies, temporary blindness and even cancer in the worst cases!


That’s just a small summary of how harmful these colours can be. You understand the gravity of the matter without us having to go deep into the subject. In short, Holi these days is played using industrial dyes instead of colours extracted from natural ingredients. “Why?”, you ask? Because chemical based colours are inexpensive to manufacture.

You can choose to stay safe this Holi

It already sounds bad, but we don’t want to deprive you of the joy of playing with colours. After all, the festival is supposed to be fun and celebrated by covering ourselves in an array of colours.


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