This Holi, Find Out if Your Drinking Water is as Polluted as the Coloured Water you Play in!

Are you wondering if your drinking water is polluted? If yes, you can contact one of the government labs or private water testing labs in your city for a detailed and accurate water quality report.You can get suggestions on how to treat your water and make it safe. It is quite an easy procedure, and remember, the quality of your drinking water determines the health of your family. Get your water tested today!

Smart Touch RO Water Purifier

Invest in a water purifier

This Holi make sure you’re drinking, safe, clean and healthy water. That’s the best gift you can give your loved ones this season. With the increase in water pollution, buying a water purifier for your house is an absolute must. What is the purpose of a water purifier? It removes excess salts, microbes and suspended particles, and retains essential vitamins and minerals. Some purifiers use chemicals, while others use electrostatic charge to kill viruses.

You must think of investing in the Smart Touch RO Water Purifier from Livpure. It comes with touch technology and has an 8-stage purification system that cleans and disinfects water. What’s more? It kills odour-causing elements and gives you pure water that is clean and odourless. To learn more, check out the link below.


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