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Do you need water purifier for home or for office ?
Please provider further information
For office use, we recommend high capacity and high flow rate Commercial RO Water Purifiers
What is the source of the drinking water ?
Generally Municipal Corporation Water has low TDS levels. However, we recommend to check TDS level.
Borewell water may have high TDS levels. Know your TDS Level.
Packaged drinking water may develop bacteria due to exposure to sunlight or frequent reuse of the jar. It is recommended to use Gravity based purifiers with Kitanu Guard
Dropdown list of State / City / Area
Purification Technology
Range 0-200 200-500 >500
How to identify? Soft water, Clear Salty taste Bad taste, White scaling on tap/utensils while boiling
Purification Technology UV or Basic RO RO with additional features RO with superior features
Installation Type
Installation Type
Installation Type

Water Quality / Physical Properties

TDS LevelRangeHow to identify?
Low 0-200 Soft water, Clear
Moderate 200-500 Salty taste
High >500 Bad taste, White scaling on tap/utensils while boiling
Color of WaterDescription
Clear Visibly clear. Still chances of impurities
White Particle Chemical / salt impurities
Yellowish Chemical / salt impurities
Dusty Physical impurity
Taste of WaterDescription
Normal Tasteless
Salty / Metallic Chemical / salt impurities due high Chlorine
Bad taste Chemical / salt / biological impurities
Smell of WaterDescription
Normal Odourless
Fishy smell Due to stagnancy of water (lake / pond / long time storage in OH/UG tank)
Pungent smell Chemical impurities / Sewer water mixing

Other Information

01.Family information

Family with kids have to have purest quality of drinking water.

Q. What is your family structure?

02.Family medical history

High TDS Stomach problems, Kidney stone
High chlorinated Hair loss, Cancer
Biological impurities Diarrhoea, Typhoid, Cholera, Jaundice, Dysentery
Heavy metals Kidney stone, Cancer, IQ loss in Kids
Pesticides Cancer, Digestive failure,
Q. Frequency of illness in family due to diarrhoea / Stomach ache / Kidney stone / typhoid / cholera / jaundice / any other water borne diseases?

03.Current water drinking consumption

Q. What water do you use?

04.Drinking / cooking water requirement

Family membersCapacity
1 to 2 10 lt / day
3 to 5 15 lt / day
More than 5 More than 20 lt/day
Q. What is your Drinking / cooking water requirement?

05.Kitchen compatibility

Q. What water purifier you will prefer?

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