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Livpure Water Purifier Customer Testimonials

"Livpure Touch looks so sleek and streamlined! It matches my kitchen décor perfectly! It is priced right and on top of all this, it works like a dream, giving me pure, crystal clear water at the touch of a button. My friends envy this beauty and want one for their kitchen too!"
- Mrs Shanti Bose, Kolkata

"Pure, potable, safe drinking water is important for my family's health. I chose Livpure and am happy with my choice. Livpure controls are feather light, power saving and so nicely designed. It gives me a glassful or a bottleful of pure water, all at the touch of a button."
- Rachna Sinha, Gurgaon

“As an engineer it is a practice of mine to assess each product I buy for my home. When it came to a water purifier, I chose Livpure after a thorough evaluation of all technical aspects of water purifiers in the market. Livpure came out on top.”
- Anita Garg, Faridabad

“What I like about Livpure is its modern good looks, push button controls and its large storage capacity. Ever since I bought it I have peace of mind knowing my family will have pure drinking water any time, all the time.”
- Neha Verma, Mumbai

“It looks smart, works perfectly, has indicators that will tell me when to replace filters and its customer service number is always displayed, so I know we will never be without pure water. I would not want any other water purifier. Thanks, Livpure for safeguarding my family’s health.”
- Meera Swarup, Bangalore

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