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Water Testing

What is water testing?

Sales Representative will fix an appointment as per the convenience of the customer. On Appointment date and time Sales Representative will visit the customer , conduct a water test of the customer's drinking water supply through a TDS meter. TDS Meter is a device used for testing the purity of water.

What does TDS mean?

Total Dissolved Solids is a measure of dissolved inorganic substances in water. It is measured in mg/L or ppm

What are the sources of water which I can test?

Sales representative will test the tap water / drinking water consumed by the customer.

Are there any charges for water testing?

There is no charge for water testing. It is a free of cost service.

How do I avail water testing?

Customer can call our call center, mail us or generate request online through 'Service Requests' for water testing.

Do I need to test water before buying a water purifier?

Yes. It is recommended to get the water tested. It will help you to choose the right water purifier.