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10 Early Signs of Typhoid and What You Should Do Next!

Apr 17, 2017

Typhoid is an illness caused by bacteria that enters the human body most commonly through contaminated food or water. Recovery from a severe case of typhoid takes a long time, and a patient suffers from high fever, loss of appetite, and in extreme cases, even the inability to move or do anything.

The symptoms of typhoid can be easily confused as being the signs of other illnesses, and people often avoid getting professional medical treatment thinking it’s nothing serious.It's because the symptoms often overlap with other medical conditions. That’s why, it's important that we first understand this illness in detail, before directly jumping to the symptoms. Understanding a disease is the key to receiving better treatment.

The science behind typhoid

Two kinds of bacteria are known to cause typhoid – Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Paratyphi. Infection from Salmonella Typhi causes full-blown typhoid, with acute symptoms. The symptoms caused by Salmonella Paratyphi, on the other hand, are less severe. Poor hygiene conditions also lead to secondary or indirect infection.For example, you can be infected by consuming food made by someone who’s hosting the bacteria in their body and hasn't taken any precautions before touching or preparing your meal.

You'll notice these 10 symptoms related to typhoid

– Poor or loss of appetite

– Experiencing abdominal pain

– Diarrhoea

– Constipation

– Vomiting

– Headaches

– Generalized pains and aches

– High fever going up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

– Feeling weak

– Rashes appearing on the neck and abdomen

How many people are affected globally?

Typhoid remains as one of the most common illnesses. Estimates from medical records show that 22 million cases of typhoid arerecorded worldwide and 200,000 deaths happen because of this disease alone!Typhoid is almost non-existent in developed nations because of highly sophisticated sanitation and hygiene practices. Conversely, the problem is more common and rampant in underdeveloped countries. Overpopulation, lack of education, and poor income are some of the key reasons people suffer from this disease in the least developed countries. As a result, the death rate from typhoid is high, and it's also known to spread widely like an epidemic.

How can you avoid typhoid?


Water is one of the most important commodity for a human being, but also the most vulnerable to carrying infections as well. In today’s highly populated and polluted world, you need to make sure that you're consuming clean water. Although boiling is an age-old, traditional method of purifying water, it’s only one method – a method that is neither a long-term solution nor without its set of problems. The downsides are not simply the practical problems of wasting time and fuel, but also the loss of minerals in the boiling process. Many smart homes are now switching over to using water purifiers instead.


Fresh, home-cooked food is always the safest option. No matter how much you trust the outside food, nothing beats the clean and healthy food at home. As mentioned above, typhoid can be caused by an indirect infection. Therefore, you always can’t trust the food from restaurants and eating joints. Only at home, you have full control over these factors. Be especially careful of street food.


When you’re travelling, there’s little that you can do to avoid direct and indirect contamination. However, being aware is always better than ignorance. Carry your bottle of clean and purified water. Don't consume food or drinks that'll cause you any discomfort while travelling. Carry a hand sanitizer after using the public restroom and avoid touching any unhygienic areas.

Typhoid is a deadly disease, and you always need to pay close attention to hygiene. Maintain a healthy diet by consuming healthy food and clean water. Also, don't forget to exercise regularly.


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