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10 Easy and Natural Remedies to Control Asthma and Lead a Normal Life

Apr 13, 2017

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease, and it’s quite common in these modern times. While most of the cases are not life threatening, certain triggers or stimulants can cause an asthmatic attack and can be quite dangerous. Although there are several medications available on prescription, here are a few natural remedies that can help you breathe more freely.

1. Coffee

The caffeine present in coffee behaves as a bronchodilator, meaning it helps dilate the pathways to the lungs, thereby helping you breathe more easily. If you are a non-coffee drinker, you can substitute it for other caffeine rich sources, including hot black tea. However, be sure to keep a tab on your caffeine intake, as an overdose can lead to unnecessary side effects including insomnia.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a wonder root used in most Ayurvedic medications. It has a high anti-inflammatory property that’s ideal to clear the air tracts and lead to better and easier breathing. No matter what form you have ginger in, its efficacy remains the same. Ideally consume it with hot water early in the morning to have a lasting effect.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a proven natural expectorant and decongestant. In the initial stages of asthma, if you’re suffering from chest congestion, having a few cloves of garlic with a glass of low-fat milk provides quick relief.

4. Onions

Another highly efficient anti-inflammatory substance, onions can help you breathe more easily by reducing the constriction of the airways. Consuming raw onions is highly effective for asthma relief. But if you don’t like the taste or feel of raw onions, you can cook them with a pinch of salt.

5. Honey

Honey is a wonder substance mentioned in many ancient medicinal texts. It’s one of the oldest natural cures when it comes to treating asthma. For some people, even simply inhaling the smell of honey helps provide relief. However, for improved efficacy, have a spoonful of honey with an equal amount of lukewarm water, preferably thrice a day.

6. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is a strong decongestant that can help break and clear any sort of mucous deposits present in your airways or lungs. If you require quick relief, you can take in deep breaths while smelling the oil directly. If it’s too harsh for you, add a few drops in boiling water or in a vaporiser, and inhale the fumes.

7. Fresh air

Believe it or not, clean air that’s free from any sort of pollutants including pollen, dust particles, or bacteria can help you breathe easily. If you suffer from constant attacks of mild asthma, it’s recommended you install an air purifier at your home or office. After all, better air means better breathing, which leads to better health.

8. Lemon juice

People who have asthma tend to have lower levels of vitamin C in their body. Having a glass of pure lemon juice regularly will increase the level of vitamin C, thereby boosting the immunity of your body. As an alternative to lemon juice, you can also consume other fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C. It’s recommended to opt for natural sources of vitamin C instead of pumping your body with synthetic supplements.

9. Mustard oil

While this may not sound appealing, mustard oil works wonders when applied externally to your chest, quickly relieving constriction and congestion, allowing for better respiration. Heat some mustard oil in a pan and add in some camphor. Allow the mixture to cool down. Later, apply it on your chest, throat, behind your ears and back for quick relief.

10. Dried figs

Commonly known as Anjeer in India, dried figs are a delicious way of promoting better respiration. Soak a few dried figs in water overnight. Eat the soaked figs along with the water it’s soaked in. Continue with this habit for a few weeks, and you’ll notice an improvement in your breathing.

So the next time you have difficulty breathing which may relate to asthma, don’t blindly rush for your inhaler (unless your doctor has advised it, of course!). Try out these effective natural remedies and enjoy better breathing without harmful side-effects.

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