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10 Home Cleaning Tips That'll Reduce Your Effort and Save Time

Apr 26, 2017

Cleaning your house is important, but sadly it is one of those jobs that we tend to postpone to the next day continuously! It is a tedious task when we get do; however, living in a mess isn’t healthy at all, and cleaning is something that should be done regularly. It takes an eternity to clean up all the mess (especially in the kitchen), and busy souls seldom get time to do it.

A clean home doesn’t always mean a huge effort at the backend. Read on to find out some awesome hacks and tricks that let you clean the mess up in no time at all!

Remove baking stains using aluminium foil

While you may be worried about how to get that glass cookware cleaned without leaving a scratch or two behind, here is a simple way to do it. Just make a ball out of an aluminium foil and soak it in a good dishwashing liquid; this will clean the mess quite effortlessly. You can reuse older foils for this task.

Install an air purifier

Get a smart air purifier to ensure that the air you’re breathing in is clean and fresh. An air purifier will absorb the harsh chemicals, pollutants and other dust particles in your home leaving behind cleaner air. This will help reduce your cleaning efforts.

Clean all things silver with baking soda

Tired of spending time and energy on carefully cleaning all your silver utensils? This trick lets you do that effortlessly and quickly. Use a mild dish soap to give them the very first wash. Mix a quarter cup of baking soda with a quart of boiling water and pour the solution over your silver utensil, which has to be placed in an aluminium-lined pot. Cover with a lid and wait for about 5 minutes. Rinse with clean water and watch your silver sparkling like new.

Clean fan blades using a pillow cover

Cleaning fan blades can be really messy, especially if they hang from the ceiling. To make your cleaning efforts less messy, all you need is an old pillow cover. Slide it over one blade at a time and clean them from the inside. This hack allows you to clean your fans without spreading the dirt all around.

Clean your coffee grinder with rice grains

Cleaning the inside of your coffee grinder can be a really challenging task, but it has to be done to avoid the development of any stale odours. Pour some rice grains through the grinder (the grains remove any grounded coffee particles that might have been trapped in the nooks and remove any stench associated with it). Just toss the rice after the process, wipe it clean and you are done.

Clean your pet’s fur using a rubber glove

Pets are great, but they also leave your home a little messy with all the fur that they shed. Never mind it though, as you can easily clean it up with just a rubber glove! Wear a damp rubber glove and run it over the fur-loaded surface. The fur automatically clings on to the glove leaving your upholstery clean and bright.

Use denture cleaners to wash your bottles

Washing bottles perfectly is a tough job, especially if they happen to be those small-necked ones. However, you very own denture cleaner can do the job in a whiff without you having to spend extra bucks on bottle-cleaners. Just fill the bottle with clean water and drop a tablet or two of the denture cleaner. You might as well use the liquid version if you happen to have that. Let the solution stay overnight. Scrub the inside with a nylon brush, rinse and the job is done.

Clean glass candle holders effectively

You might happen to be in love with candles- most of us are. Candles give the perfect feel to those romantic dinners. But it can be quite a task to clean the wax that clings onto the holders. You might scratch the glass or even break it if it is delicate enough. No need to worry though, as this simple hack makes it quite easy. Keep the glass candleholders in your freezer and let them stay in for a few hours. Take them out and just pop out the wax as the wax shrinks in the cold temperature!

Move furniture easily

Moving heavy furniture is quite a tedious job, especially if it has no wheels at the base. You also run the risk of damaging your floor while moving them. Just slide some clean towels under each end of the furniture and slide them across the rooms. You only have to lift an end to get the towel or mat under the base. Say hello to damage free floors. Just keep in mind that the towel should be clean, as a dirty one might scratch the floor.

Dust screens with a coffee filter

Dusting TV screens and monitors are one of the toughest jobs around. You always run the risk of scratching the surface or even damaging it. Forget microfiber cloth and bring in coffee filters to your rescue. Nothing can be safer and cheaper than a coffee filter to dust your screens for a lint-free look.

Unclog a drain using baking soda and vinegar

We all have those frustrating days when our drains clog and the water seeps out slowly. This simple hack uses baking soda to unclog it quickly and effectively. Pour half a cup of baking soda into the clogged drain and follow it up with another half cup of vinegar. Cover the mouth of the drain with a wet cloth, letting the solution work for 5 minutes. Flush it with steaming water once you uncover the drain to c\remove any clogs.

These hacks definitely make cleaning up a lot easier and quicker, don’t they?

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