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10 Incredible Uses for Ice Trays Other Than Making Ice!

Jun 01, 2017

Do you think ice trays can only be used to make ice? Think again. There are numerous other things that you can do with ice trays if you think out-of-the-box. The freezer trays are more versatile than you think and can be used to store several food items that can be used later. Check out the 10 incredible uses for your ice trays and use them to make your life easier.

1) Freeze eggs

Eggs go bad fast if you don’t store them in the refrigerator, and sometimes you don’t have enough space in the refrigerator. What do you do? Don’t throw the eggs away. Break and pour them into the ice trays and freeze them. Use them when you need.

2) Coffee

Love iced coffee? Make and freeze your coffee in ice trays. Store these cubes in freezer bags and use them as needed.

3) Watermelon cubes

Watermelon is not always in season, but that doesn’t mean that your cravings have to go unfulfilled. Scoop out the watermelon when it is available and freeze the pulp in the ice trays. Store them in a freezer bag and enjoy even when they aren’t available.

4) Pesto

No time to grind ingredients to make pesto? Make it in a batch and freeze it in the ice trays. You’ll just have to heat them when you want to use it.

5) Buttermilk

Storing leftover buttermilk is cumbersome. Pour it in the ice trays and keep it frozen till you decide to use it again. This will help reduce wastage and you’ll have buttermilk handy when you need it to try a new recipe.

6) Baby food

It is difficult to trust the ingredients in the store-bought baby food. Make your own batch of frozen baby food with all the natural ingredients. Prepare the baby food and pour it into the ice tray and freeze it. Transfer to a freezer bag and use when your baby is hungry. This will save you time and you’ll know that your baby is eating nutritious food.

7) Wine or whisky cubes

Sometimes you have very little leftover wine or whisky after a party and no space to store the bottles. The easiest way to use the last dregs of your expensive liquor is to pour them into ice trays and keep them frozen. You can use it to cook or toss them in a glass when you need a chilled drink.

8) Peanut butter cups

Silicone ice trays work best for these cubes. Use cooking spray to coat the slots and fill them with peanut butter and chocolate. Freeze them for 10 minutes and then enjoy the bliss of homemade candies.

9) Jewellery box

Aren’t you tired of losing your one pair of earrings all the time and since you cannot find it, you have to throw out the other one too? Use ice trays to create jewellery box where you can store your small accessories like earrings, rings, beads, etc. 

10) Jell-O shots

Mix your shots and pour them into the ice trays and freeze them. Your shots will come out in perfect size and shape. 


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