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10 Kitchen-Accessories all Master-Chefs Have in Their Kitchen!

Apr 26, 2017

Admit it; you fell in love with all the kitchen accessories you saw on the Master Chef Challenge shows. Those perfect pans and skillets, water purifiers and even those sharp knives just took your breath away! Having a perfect kitchen is every chef’s dream. Whether it’s your own restaurant or just your home kitchen, you want to ensure that you have all the essential kitchen accessories to churn out delicious food every time.

In order to cook perfectly, you have to make sure that your accessories are also perfect. Even a 10-minute recipe will take you hours if you have to do the chopping and slicing with a dull knife. There are tonnes of kitchen accessories in the market, and it often lands you in a dilemma about which product to buy.

Here’s a list of kitchen accessories all master chefs have in their kitchen, and you should own them too.

1) Sharp knives

The most important accessory you must have in your kitchen is a good quality, sharp knife. A good quality knife stays sharp for a long time and doesn’t need re-sharpening often.

2) Smart water purifier

Water is an essential part of cooking. You must use pure water for cooking so that your family’s health isn’t jeopardised. Also, clean water makes your food taste better.Smart RO purifiers are the most popular accessory for a smart kitchen. You can have pure water anytime with just a touch of your smartphone. You can buy one or even rent an RO if you’re on a budget.

3) Cast iron skillet

A large and high-quality cast iron skillet is a must-have accessory. Although it’s not for use on flat-top stoves, it is a great utensil for cooking and baking. You can easily make cobblers, biscuits and layered casseroles, and cook meat in this skillet.

4) Steamer

Whether you love to cook healthy or not, you must own a steamer. They’re a fast and healthy way to cook vegetables and seafood. You can also prepare dim sums and other steamed food items in it. Get a handy microwave steamer for various uses in the kitchen.

5) Cutting boards

You should keep different types of cutting boards in the kitchen because master chefs don’t use the same cutting board for meat and vegetables. Wood and bamboo cutting boards are ideal for every kitchen.

6) Stand mixer

Stand mixers are the latest trend in kitchen appliances. Your cooking and baking will be easier with one. You can easily measure, pour mix ingredients in a stand mixer without engaging your hands.

7) Colander or strainer

Though it doesn’t seem like a significant accessory, it has important uses in your kitchen. Buy a large colander or strainer to drain or rinse pasta, vegetables and other items.

8) Tongs

A good set of tongs is essential for your kitchen. It’s helpful for turning over meats in the pan while cooking, keeping hot food stable while you’re cutting it, serving hot food and even tossing salads.

9) Garlic press

Chopping garlic is troublesome. You can use this handy tool to mince garlic in seconds. You don’t even have to peel the garlic. You can just place the cloves in and squeeze to get freshly minced garlic every time.

10) A set of measuring utensils

Your kitchen is not complete till you own a set of standard measuring utensils. The set should have 13 pieces of utensils that will help you measure units like ‘tad’, ‘dash’ and ‘pinch’ as well.

What are you waiting for? Go shopping today and set up your kitchen like the master chefs.

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