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10 Little Tips to Get Your Child to Eat Nutritious Food without Complaining

Jun 02, 2017

Having trouble getting to kids to eat healthy food? Is every meal a battle as



1) Involve your kids in the grocery shopping


An easy way to get your kids interested in nutritious food is by involving them in grocery shopping. When you take them shopping ask them to pick one treat, one meat, one fruit and veggie so that they understand the concept of a wholesome and healthy meal. Also, they’ll understand that it’s okay to indulge once in a while to satisfy their craving.


2) Inculcate healthy eating at an early stage


Introduce your kids to healthy eating at an early age so that it is easier on you and them as they get older to stay healthy. Instead of eating pre-packed chips and burgers from outside introduced them to home cooked, healthy and tasty food from a young age


3) Don’t stock up on unhealthy treats at home


Convincing any child to eat healthy when he knows there are chips and toffee lying in the cupboard is hard work.So, make sure you don’t or limit your buying of pre-packed and unhealthy food.

4) Involve your kids in the kitchen


Young kids love helping out in the kitchen. Involving them in the kitchen means that they get to see first-hand what ingredients you’re using, the preparation and finally the presentation.This can be a great way to make healthy food appealing and to bond with kids as well. Your little MasterChef will definitely want to eat what he has prepared in the kitchen.

5) Educate your kids


Educate your kids about nutrition and what each food contains. For example, you can tell them that spinach contains iron and fish is a rich source of protein and that iron is good for lustrous hair and shiny nails. This will motivate your kids to eat healthy and stay fit.


6) Offer rewards


Yes, we don’t want to resort to bribing while we make our kids eat healthy but sometimes it is the only way. If your child eats his meal, you can offer him a sweet treat for dessert or if they eat without making a fuss for a week you can take them on a movie date or give them a frozen lemonade. Your kids will love this concept!


7) Start a family garden


Studies have shown that kids who help in maintaining a family garden are more likely to enjoy and value produce than their non-gardening peers. Also, kids who help in the garden will want to eat what they have grown. Along with eating fresh produce, your kids will be physically active as well.


8) Vegetable pancakes


A great way to make your kids eat healthily is by giving yummy food a healthy twist. Instead of buying ready-made pancake batter make beetroot, banana or oat pancakes. Your kids will not be able to resist them!


9) Pizzas


You can make healthy pizza at home by blitzing cauliflower and then baking it. You can top it with vegetables, cheese and meat. You can get your kids involved by letting them choose the toppings!

10) It’s all about the presentation


Kids love food that looks good. Have you noticed the more colourful the food the more appealing it is to kids? So, make sure the food is colourful—bell peppers, purple cabbage, blueberries, orange carrots— and visually appealing, your kids will be tempted to eat them.

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