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10 Most Breathtakingly Awesome Dams in the World You Should Visit

Jun 01, 2017

Dams play an important role in making sure that cities and low-lying areas are not affected by floods. They also help in irrigation purposes and generate hydroelectricity. Furthermore, reservoirs that are created by dams also provide water for different kinds of activities like human consumption, irrigation, aquaculture, and industrial use.

1. Hoover Dam

The beautiful dam sits on the border between Arizona and Nevada. In 1935, it was commissioned by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the time, six companies took up the responsibility of building one of the largest concrete structures in the world.

2. Karun 3 Dam

Among all the double arc concrete dams, the Karun 3 Dam boasts about being the largest reservoir dam. It stops the river Karun in Khuzestan, Iran. The attractive dam was built for power generation and flood control purposes.

3. Inguri Dam

The Inguri Dam is the world’s second largest arch dam and began its construction in 1961. 
It’s based in Jvari, Georgia. The dam was supposed to start operating in 1978 and did only for a short period. Only in 1987, the construction was fully completed. 

4. Vajont Dam

While it was being constructed Vajont Dam was regarded as ‘The Tallest Dam in the World.' Currently, at 860 feet it still remains as one of the tallest dams. It’s a beautiful structure based in Erto E Casso, Italy. However, the dam has not been used since October 1963.

5. Nurek Dam 

Presently, Nurek Dam is the tallest dam. It’s an earth fill embankment dam and is located on the Vakhsh River. The construction started in 1961, and the construction was complete in 1980. It stands 980ft. tall (300m).

6. Grande Dixence Dam

The dam is the tallest concrete gravity dam in the world at 935 ft. high (285 m). It’s built over the Dixence River. The Grande Dixence Dam controls four power stations and helps generate enough electricity to run 400,000 homes.

7. Tehri Dam

The dam is constructed on the Bhagirathi River, and it’s a multi-purpose rock and earth-fill embankment dam. Its primary goal is to generate electricity and also withholds a reservoir for municipal water supply and irrigation purposes. Tehri Dam is the highest dam in India.

8. Mauvoisin Dam 

The beautiful arch dam is a concrete structure built across the Val de Bagnes. The construction began in 1951 and completed in1957. The dam’s purpose was to generate hydroelectric power. Mauvoisin Dam is in Switzerland.

9. Xiaowan Dam

The arch dam is constructed on the Mekong River. Its main purpose was to provide hydroelectric power. The Xiaowan Dam was constructed between 2002 and 2010. It supports a 4,200 MW power station. The dam is currently the world’s highest arch dam at 958 ft. (292m).

10. Daniel Johnson Dam

It also goes by the name Manic 5 Dam and is based in Québec, Canada. The Daniel Johnson Dam is constructed over the Manicouagan River. It helps create the Manicouagan Reservoir which is the fourth biggest reservoir in the world. Daniel Johnson Dam is also the world’s biggest hollow body, multiple arches, and buttress dam. 

Dams have been very useful to our modern civilization. From protection against floods and hydroelectric power to irrigation and water supply purposes, dams act as a brilliant addition to sustaining and improving human lives.


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