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10 Must-Know Tips to Improve Immunity of Your Child

May 26, 2017

Change in season brings infections, sick children and frequent visits to the doctor. And before you know it, you fall sick as well. To avoid this, you must make sure that you boost your child’s immunity so that he doesn’t fall sick often.

Some people rely on medicines to boost immunity in children but that’s not the only solution. There are various natural ways in which you can boost your child’s immunity. They are easy to follow and will naturally boost your child’s immunity. Here are a few tips that’ll help improve your child’s immunity.

1) Exercise

Regular exercise or any form of vigorous physical activity keeps your immune system strong. Activities like biking, hiking, swimming, etc. are also great forms of exercise that your kids will enjoy. Exercise boosts the killer cells in your body and helps fight infections.

2) Food hygiene

Hygiene is the most important factor that improves immunity. Ensure that your kids wash their hands thoroughly before a meal and after using the toilet. Teach them why it is important for them to stay away from the street food and how they can contract germs from the open roadside stalls.

3) Nutrition

Your immunity is dependent on the food you eat. When it comes to children’s nutrition, you must make sure that it is balanced with ample amount of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Make salads an inseparable part of your family’s diet and include a variety of vegetables in it.

4) Drink water

You must ensure that your kid drinks enough water in a day. Water keeps your immunity strong and purified water helps keep infections at bay.

5) Sleep clock

Maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Children often find excuses to not sleep at night. Don’t make it a practice. Ensure that they go to bed early and have 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Allow nap times because adequate sleep is one of the best ways to keep infections at bay.

6) Quit smoking

Smoking causes a lot of damage than you’re aware of. It affects your immune system and also others around you. Make sure your kids aren’t exposed to passive smoking or they may be more prone to infections and diseases.

7) Vitamin C

Give a daily dose of vitamin C to your kids to improve their immunity. Fruits such as oranges, limes, grapefruit and other citrus fruits have high vitamin C content. These will help keep the immune system strong against various microbial infections.

8) Vaccination

Always keep your child’s vaccination schedule up-to-date. Don’t miss the vaccination appointments and make sure that your child is vaccinated against all the major diseases.

9) Basil

Indian basil or Tulsi is a great immunity booster for kids and adults. Grind a handful of tulsi leaves together and extract the juice. Give a spoonful of this juice mixed with honey every day to your kids to keep them away from infections.

10) Reduce sugar

A high sugar diet is likely to reduce immunity and will weaken the body when fighting against germs. Reduce the amount of sugar your child consumes in the form of candies or beverages.

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