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10 Skin Care Tips for Babies Every Mother Should Know

Apr 11, 2017

When you held your little bundle in your arms for the first time, didn’t you just fall in love with those cute little hands and feet? Weren’t you afraid to let anyone else touch your baby, lest something happen to their skin? You’re right about your fears that your baby’s skin may get infected because their skin is very delicate and more prone to allergic reactions. Your baby’s skin is sensitive, and you need to take extra care and attention to keep it soft and supple.

What do you know about your baby’s skin?

You should learn a few things about your baby’s skin before you go around buying skincare products. Skin is the largest organ. It protects your baby from all kinds of harmful irritants and allergens. Your baby’s skin is thinner than the skin of an adult. It’s sensitive, loses water faster than it absorbs and dries easily. That’s why you have to be very careful when you’re buying skincare products for your little one. Even a small amount of irritant can react with your baby’s skin and produce rashes. However, a careful approach will ensure that your baby’s skin is healthy and supple.

Make a note of these skincare tips for babies and make sure that you follow them religiously.

1) Don’t try to peel their dry skin

In the initial days, your baby will begin to shed skin. This thin layer of skin is called vernix. It’s a protective layer that forms on babies’ skin while they’re inside the mother’s womb. Don’t try to rub or peel off this layer. Let it come off naturally. If you rub or peel off this layer, your baby will be exposed to harmful irritants and may also develop some harmful skin condition.

2) Keep them away from direct sunlight

You should ensure that your baby is away from direct sunlight until he/she is six months old. The UV rays can quickly damage their sensitive and delicate skin. Dress them in protective clothing and hat when you plan to take them outdoors.

3) Water is the key

When your baby is 6 months old, you should start giving them small sips of pure drinking water. Water will keep their skin hydrated and soft.

4) Don’t bathe them too often

If you bathe your baby frequently, it will strip the skin of natural oils. Make sure to give them a bath 2-3 times a week, clean their diaper area properly and wash their face when they drool. On the rest of the days just give them a sponge bath. You can avoid washing with soap as babies’ skin doesn’t get too dirty or grimy. Soap ends up drying their skin and taking away the natural body oils.

5) Prevent diaper rash at all costs

Diaper or nappy rashes are common among babies. You need to make sure the diaper is changed regularly. Or else, the wetness leads to irritation in and around their sensitive area. Always ensure that your baby’s bottom is dry. After giving them a bath, make sure you clean and dry their diaper area properly. If he/she still develops rashes, clean the area with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

6) Massage them with oil

The most important part of your baby’s skin care regimen is an oil massage. It moisturises their skin and also stimulates growth. You can use olive, coconut or mustard oil to massage your baby.

7) Don’t use too many baby products

Your baby’s skin can take care of itself. But at times their skin may seem dry. You can apply small amounts of fragrance-free moisturiser that suits your baby’s sensitive skin.

8) Always wash their new clothes

Baby clothes look very soft, but they aren’t. Manufacturers add fabric softeners to the clothes to make them feel soft. The softener residue can react with your baby’s skin and cause allergies. Therefore, always wash your baby’s new clothes with a mild detergent before putting it on them.

9) Keep them away from harsh chemicals

Don’t apply perfumes or makeup on your baby. The chemicals in these products will react with the skin and lead to itchy rashes or dry skin. Wash clothes with mild detergents so that the residue doesn’t affect their skin.

10) Don’t cover your baby with baby powder

Most mothers think that baby powder is the best cure for diaper rashes. But it’s not. Baby powder clogs the pores and aggravates the problem. Try not to use baby powder at all and even if you use it, ensure that it’s used in small doses.

With attention and care your baby’s skin will stay healthy for a long time. Just remember that their skin has natural oils to keep it moisturised and supple. No amount of commercial products can match the natural oils their skin contains. So, don’t get misled by advertisements

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