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10 small steps you should take to save water in your neighbourhood

Aug 24, 2017

Water is an invaluable resource that is getting depleted rampantly due to overconsumption, wastage, and pollution. Water conservation techniques are easy and can make a huge difference to you and your neighbourhood.

If you live in a populated Indian city, you must have surely suffered from water shortages during the summer months. Here are a few simple ways that you, your family and your neighbours can conserve water both indoors and outdoors.

1) Build awareness among your local community

Educate the residents of your locality about efficient water practices, and spread this information among children, housewives and domestic help groups as they spend most of their time at home and can control water usage and wastage.

2) Plant drought-resistant lawns, shrubs, and plants in your colony

Adorn the gardens and sidewalks of your neighbourhood with beautiful drought-resistant plants that grow well in all seasons. Use native plant species as these require lesser water and are accustomed to the local weather conditions. You can also save water by grouping plants according to their watering needs.

3) Check for leaks in pipes, hoses, and faucets

While we are easily aware of the leaks in our homes, it may be difficult to keep track of leaks in common areas outside our homes. Leaks outside the house can be extremely wasteful as communal pipes and hoses are larger and have a constant flow of water. Pipes, hoses, and faucets that are used for the entire neighbourhood should be checked regularly to keep them leak-free.

4) Don't run the hose while washing cars

Collectively decide to clean the cars in the colony or residential complex by only using a bucket of water for rinsing and a wet cloth for wiping. If each individual in your neighbourhood discontinues using a hose for washing their car, around two hundred liters of water can be saved per car per day.

5) Prevent water wastage from swimming pools

If your residential complex or neighbourhood as a community swimming pool, get it checked regularly for leaks and cracks that lead to water wastage. Also, save water that can be lost through evaporation by keeping the pool covered when it is not being used. Using a pool cover not saves water but keep the water clean and unpolluted. 

6) Maintain sewerage systems

Ensure that washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, and bathrooms are correctly connected to the sewage system that recycles the water. It is essential that the sewage from your community building does not end up untreated in a local water body. Get this checked and rectified by an expert.

7) Promote water conservation through incentives

Offer incentive programs (lower maintenance charges or sponsored vouchers) to homeowners in your neighbourhood to encourage replacement of plumbing fixtures, installation of aerators and low-flow showerheads and appliances with water-efficient models.

8) Invest in a rain water harvesting system

Collect the water that streams off the roof of your apartment building when it rains by setting up a rain water collection tank. Reuse that water for gardening or in your kitchens and toilets instead of letting it get wasted and polluted by flowing into dirty gutters and ponds.

9) Reduce water losses

Water losses or theft include unmetered uses such as water used through fire hydrants in public buildings. Water theft may also occur from meter tampering, illegal fire hydrant openings, and illegal connections. Ensure that such practices are not taking place in your community building.

10) Make a permanent change

Work as a community with social groups, NGOs and grant programs to fund conservation projects in your neighbourhood to help reduce fresh water wastage. If you require a heavy investment, reach out to local governing bodies for funds or to pass water-saving ordinances.

It is time to think of how you can save water and bring about a change in your locality. Use these tips to come together as a community and save this precious resource.

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