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10 Unique Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Jun 07, 2017

Water conservation is important as there’s scarcity of this natural and precious resource. With water pollution, access to clean water is a serious problem for most of the major cities and villages across India. From hydrating our bodies to maintaining hygiene, water plays a significant role in our lives. It’s crucial that every household and community learn to conserve water. Here are 10 ideas you can adopt to conserve water at your home.

1. While brushing your teeth turn off the tap

A good water conservation method is to ensure that the tap isn’t running while you brush your teeth. Make it a habit of wetting your toothbrush and running the tap only when it's time for you to rinse. Water gushes out of the average tap at 2.5 gallons/minute! Follow the same while you wash your hands.

2. Fix any leakages

Don’t you get annoyed by those leaky taps? We all do. Fix those leakages as they’ll help you save money on your water bills and conserve water too.

3. Flush mindfully and short shower times

It’s not necessary for you to hit the long flush every single time you visit the bathroom. Use the short flush. Also, a quick shower will help conserve water too. Also, you could collect water in a bucket and make sure to only use that specific amount of water and never turn on the tap for more.

4. Store water for washing dishes

Before you wash, collect the water in your kitchen sink and let your dishes soak. Also, ensure that you can do the same while washing. Use an efficient and high-quality sink stopper or replace a defective one.

5. Rain harvesting

You can come up with creative and efficient rain harvesting methods. The water collected can be used for your garden and its plants.

6. Go for a car wash

As an alternative, you can take your automobile to your local car wash. This way, you wouldn’t have to use the hose and in turn conserve more water.

7. Dishwasher and washing machines

If you use a dishwasher/washing machine at home, make sure you don’t run these machines until they’re full. The half-loads will only add up to gallons of water being wasted.

8. Water plants early in the morning

With this step, you’ll require less water. It’s because with cooler temperatures in the morning the plants lose less amount of water to evaporation. Also, avoid watering your plants in the evenings as this may lead to mould growth.

9. Insulation of water pipes

With pre-slit foam pipe insulation, it’ll be inexpensive and easy to insulate your water pipes. This way the water will heat up faster, and you’ll save time and energy.

10. Collect clean water for cleaning

While washing your vegetables, fruits and meat make sure the tap water is not running. Also, speak to your local authorities to ensure your water supply is free from harmful contaminants.

By adopting some of the above tips, you can effectively conserve water at your home. It will not only help you reduce your water bills, but you’ll also be contributing towards ecological and nature conservation.

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