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12 Tasty and Refreshing Lassi Recipes to Try this Summer

Apr 10, 2017

Summer has arrived, and it’s that time of the year when people love to splurge on anything that keeps them cool. But when it comes to cooling your body, nothing does it better than the pride of Punjab – a glass of delicious lassi. The sultry and torrid Indian summers make lassi the most loved beverage that soothes the body and the taste buds at the same time.

A favourite beverage for a lot of people

Found almost everywhere across the Indian subcontinent, this ancient smoothie has a creamy top layer that makes it look deliciously attractive. A beverage to enjoy and relish till the last drop, lassi also helps cool down your body during the sweltering summer conditions. If you are a lassi-holic, which almost everyone invariably is, then read on to find out some of the most amazing lassi recipes to cool you down this summer!

1. Plain sweet lassi

This is the classic one. All you need is to put in some yoghurt and plain ice water and then put in some sugar to taste. Blend until the mixture starts frothing. Serve and gulp down the delicious beverage.

2. Masala lassi

Fancier than the plain one, the masala lassi definitely does add a tangy feel. It helps you fight the heat a little better! Add some finely chopped green chilli and cumin seeds to the plain lassi. Serve with fresh coriander or mint leaves as garnish. Some crushed ice at the top of the froth makes it all the more yummy!

3. Plain salted lassi

Get some yoghurt and ground cumin, add some iced water and salt, and blend the mixture well enough. Continue till it becomes deliciously frothy. Wait no more. Gulp it down and feel your body cool down.

4. Mint lassi

The name is fancy enough, the taste even fancier. Get hold of some plain yoghurt and some fresh mint leaves. Blend them with ice water and salt until it starts frothing. Your very own mint lassi is now ready to cool you down from the extreme heat.

5. Mango lassi

To prepare mango lassi, all you need is an adequate amount of fresh mango pulp, and add it to your plain lassi recipe. Blend till it gets frothy at the top. Gulp it down while it’s chilled. Since summer isn’t complete without mangoes, adding them to your favourite summer beverage just makes it all the more delicious!

6. Strawberry lassi

As the name suggests, the main attraction here is the strawberry flavour that we all so lovingly want all the time. You need some freshly trimmed strawberries for this, add some yoghurt, sugar and a little bit of cardamom. Blend the mixture, add some ice cubes and serve the delicacy.  

7. Avocado lassi

The lassi gets an even smoother and frothier twist with some butter fruit, or avocado put into it. The avocado lassi is sure to tickle your senses, so it’s highly advisable to try out this one as soon as you can.

8. Rose lassi

This special recipe of lassi is prepared by blending some fresh curd, sugar, rose syrup and iced water. You can also add some cardamom and a little vanilla essence to enhance the taste. Blend until the lassi appears to be smooth and frothy at the top. Serve chilled.

9. Banana lassi

Banana lassi is quite easy to prepare and will greatly revitalise your heat-withered body. Blend some yoghurt with ice water and crushed ice cubes. Add to it some freshly chopped bananas and blend the mixture well enough. You can add honey as well, though it isn’t mandatory. Start sipping when a smooth froth appears.

10. Kesar lassi

Kesar, or saffron, is one of the most expensive spices and is also well known for its medicinal values. So, if you want to treat yourself, or your guests, to some great saffron or kesar lassi, then just add some saffron to hot water and let it cool down for some time. Blend with the yoghurt and sugar and serve immediately. The kesar has a distinctive colour which makes it all the more attractive and delicious!

11. Mixed-fruit lassi

Now, this one lets you play with your imagination. Put in all the fruits that you love, and blend them with the yoghurt and sugar. You can add some mint leaves for garnishing, but that’s optional. Serve the chilled frothing lassi to cool yourself down instantly.

12. Chocolate lassi

Now this one is the most exquisite of the lot. Get hold of some chocolate and a jar of Nutella. Pour in some cocoa and mix them well. You may use a microwave to melt them down and leave the amalgam to reach the room temperature. Once done, blend with some chilled yoghurt and put in some ice cubes to the delicious mix. Throw in some roasted almonds on top and you get your chocolate lassi right in front of your eyes.

With some of the best lassi recipes now, up your sleeve, just head to the kitchen and treat yourself to one of the best summer beverages of all time – the great Indian lassi!

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