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15 Incredibly Easy Popsicle Recipes You Should Definitely Try This Summer

Apr 28, 2017

It’s that time of the year that makes us feel sweaty, slimy and dripping throughout the day. Yes, it’s summer. From cold showers to soft cotton clothes, we always look for fresh ideas to beat the heat.

Homemade popsicles are a great way to while away your time through those lazy, hot afternoons, and beat the heat at the same time. Read on to find out some amazing popsicle recipes that you should definitely try at your home this summer.

1. Strawberry and cream popsicles

Take some strawberries and half a cup of yoghurt or vanilla cream. Blend both with a cup of milk and sugar until the mixture gets smooth enough. Freeze in moulds, and you’re done making your very own strawberry and cream popsicles to beat the heat!

2. Kiwi popsicles

Take 4 kiwis and one and a half cups of pineapple (or grape) juice. Add sugar to taste. Blend until smooth and then freeze the mixture. Take them out and relish the delightful flavour of your homemade kiwi popsicles.

3. Raspberry popsicles

One of the easiest popsicles to prepare, you just need to blend some raspberry juice with raspberries and let it freeze. Sit down to enjoy the awesome taste and feel the heat relieving your body!

4. Watermelon popsicles

Take a cup each of watermelon, orange juice, and water. Blend all the three together until the mixture is smooth. Pour into moulds and let it freeze. Your watermelon popsicles should be ready in no time.

5. Blueberries and cream popsicles

All you need to prepare this is half a cup of blueberries and one and a half cup of vanilla yoghurt. The trick here is to fill each of the popsicles midway with the yoghurt and then freeze. Blend the blueberries with the remaining yoghurt and fill the other half of the popsicles with the same. Freeze again to make awesome blueberries and cream popsicles!

6. Strawberry banana popsicles

You need some strawberry gelatine, a banana and a cup of yoghurt to prepare this one. Dissolve the gelatine in boiling water and then blend it with the yoghurt and banana. Pour the mixture into moulds and freeze to get the awesome taste of these homemade strawberry banana popsicles.

7. 3 ingredient blueberry/ raspberry popsicles

Blend one and a half cup of vanilla pudding, a quarter cup of blueberries and a quarter cup of raspberries together until the mixture is smooth. Pour the mixture into moulds and let it freeze. Later, pull them out and enjoy beating the summer heat with delicious homemade blueberry/raspberry popsicles.

8. Fruit popsicles

All you need is jam and water to prepare fruit popsicles. You can even use the leftover jam in your jar. It’s that easy! Just add some water in the jar and shake well to mix the jam with the water. Freeze into moulds and your very own fruit popsicles are ready!

9. Mixed berry popsicles

Blend one and a half cups of grape juice and a cup of berries, raspberries or blueberries and freeze into moulds. To prepare layered popsicles, pour some of the mixtures into the moulds and allow it to freeze. Repeat the steps with each berry you have to give them a layered look.

10. Cantaloupe popsicles

All you need to prepare these easy popsicles are two cups of white grape juice and a cup of cantaloupe. Blend both of the above until smooth. Pour into moulds and freeze to enjoy the cool delights!

11. Raspberry yoghurt popsicles

Take two cups of yoghurt and blend it with a cup of raspberries and half a cup of blended oatmeal. Pour into moulds and let the mixture freeze. Take it out of the freezer and enjoy it!

12. Orange popsicles

Take some boiling water in a bowl and mix with it 3 oz. of orange gelatine and 15 oz. of unsweetened orange soft drink. Pour it into a cup of sugar. Mix and stir until dissolved. Stir the same in some cold water and freeze in moulds. Your very own homemade orange popsicles are ready to be devoured!

13. 2 ingredient fruit popsicles

Take two cups of orange juice and some fruits of your choice. You might want to use grapes, mandarin oranges or berries. Just place the desired fruit (or fruits) in moulds and pour the orange juice over the top of the fruit until the mould is filled. Freeze and serve.

14. Lemonade popsicles

Take out your favourite lemonade, either freshly squeezed or prepared from a mix. Freeze the same. During the hot summers, lemonades are a great refreshment.

15. Rocky road fudgesicles

Cook a package of chocolate pudding along with milk until the mixture is viscous and bubbly. Remove from the heat and let it cool down for about 20 minutes, occasionally stirring the same. Stir half a cup of marshmallow crème into the pudding mixture. Divide half cups each of chocolate chips and chopped peanuts into the cups and pour the pudding mixture into the same. Insert popsicle sticks into the cups and freeze the mixture.

Why wait when you have such delightful recipes to beat the heat? Prep all the ingredients and make some delicious popsicles at home! If it’s required, always use clean and pure water.

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