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15 Natural spring water sources that are worth a visit

Jun 02, 2017

Hot springs are the natural wonders of the world. Most of these have been converted into tourist attractions and you can visit them for a dip in the spring and follow it up with a fabulous massage. Most of the springs are located in fabulous landscapes and are definitely worth a visit. Check out these 15 natural spring water sources that are worth a visit.


1) Banff Upper Hot Springs

Located in Banff National Park in Canada (the country’s oldest national park that’s located in the Rocky Mountains), the Upper Hot Springs is part of a group of nine natural hot springs found in the area. The hot springs were discovered at the base of Sulphur Mountain in late 19th century, and a bathhouse was constructed by early 20th century. It’s one of the hottest natural springs in that part of the world at 40 degrees Celsius and one of the highest in Canada. Owing to the location, visiting the Banff Upper Hot Springs is also a visual treat.

2) Ma'in Hot Springs

These natural hot mineral springs and waterfalls, in the middle of a desert, are from Jordan and are located close to the famed Dead Sea. The water in these springs is especially rich in minerals, which is excellent for the skin.

3) Arenal Hot Springs

The Arenal Volcano area in Costa Rica is home to several natural hot springs that attract a lot of tourists. The water in these springs can be as hot as 50 degrees Celsius, which is great for relaxing your muscles. Also, the Sulphur levels in these waters are low so that you won’t smell as much later.

4) Saturnia

Saturnia, in Italy, is an area that’s famous for its honeymoon spa. The hot water spring has been popular since Roman times. The beautiful Cascate del Mulino are a group of thermal waterfalls, the water from which collect in rock pools. They provide the perfect place to relax and soak in the benefits offered by the minerals and plankton-rich water.

5) Kusatsu

Kusatsu, in Japan, is well-known for its hot springs, which are mentioned in historical documents go as far back as the 2nd century. The natural hot springs of Kusatsu are known for their healing properties. Relaxing in these mineral enriched pools is said to relief from muscle pain and stiffness, minor mounds and even certain digestive disorders. At over 50 degrees Celsius, the waters can sometimes get too hot for comfort

6) Champagne Pool, New Zealand

This hot spring is called Champagne because of its dramatic efflux of carbon dioxide, making it bubble like champagne. It is surrounded by rust- colored rim which is a stark contrast to the blue waters it encircles.


7) Blue Lagoon, Iceland


This lagoon was formed by a heating company to explore geothermal heating methods in the 1970s.Because it contains high amounts of silica, the water exfoliates the skin, strengthens the barrier function and minerals from seawater revitalizes the skin.

8) Budapest, Hungary


Thermal springs in Budapest, Hungary have been converted to thermal spas and baths where people can bathe and enjoy the benefits of the mineral-rich water. The thermal water is known to be effective in treating chronic arthritis, orthopaedic issues, joint pains and more.

9) Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan


Also known as the HammamatMa'in, these springs originate from Jordan's Highland plains. These springs are infused with skin-healing minerals like hydrogen sulphide, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

10) Pamukkale, Turkey


The turquoise blue waters of the thermal springs in Pamukkale, Turkey are rich in calcium oxide and hydrogen sulphide and are known to be incredibly healing. These are very popular tourist attractions as well.

11) San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico is home to several thermal, sulphur, freshwater and alkaline springs. These springs are believed to have age reversing properties and the natural minerals present in the water are supposed to very therapeutic.

12) Frenchman's Bend Hot Springs, Idaho


Idaho is known for its many hot springs and Frenchman's Bend Hot Springs is one of the most spectacular. The water’s temperature is at around 110 degrees Celsius and a dip in these waters is bound to flush out all your toxins.


13) Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Colorado


These waters are referred to as Yampah by the Ute Native Americans and are known for their amazing healing properties. Today, these springs are major tourist attractions and offer modern shower facilities and a full-service lodge.


14) The Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Prismatic Spring is the world’s third largest spring. It has a rainbow hue because of the presence of pigmented bacteria. The centre of the pool is blue and is extremely hot which in turn doesn’t allow any organism to grow in it.

15) Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia


The hot, mineral-rich waters of Peninsula Hot Springs are the first natural hot springs day spa in Victoria. The spa offers a hammam, a sauna, a hilltop pool and a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

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