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15 of the World’s Most Amazing Aquariums to Visit on Your Next Vacation!

Jun 05, 2017

People have been fascinated by aquariums for centuries. In fact, Romans were among the first people to have personal aquariums. With the introduction of transparent glass, aquariums became all the more popular since it now provided us with a better view of our pet aquatic animals and plants.

The possibility of maintaining a personal ecosystem is appealing to us and this fascination has only grown in modern times with the advancement in technology. The world now has no shortage of gigantic aquariums, which rival natural lakes and coral reefs in terms of diversity and beauty. Here’s a list of 15 amazing aquariums from around the world that you must visit.

1. S.E.A. Aquarium

The South East Asia Aquarium, a part of Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa, is one of the world’s largest aquarium. It holds 45,000,000 litres of water and houses over 1 lakh marine animals, spanning over 800 species. It has a massive viewing panel that makes people feel like they are on the ocean floor.

2. Georgia Aquarium

A former holder of the largest aquarium title, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, U.S. is home to Whale Sharks, the largest fish species. The aquarium is home to over 500 species of aquatic animals.  The aquarium became a reality due to funding from Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus.

3. Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai is known for its extravagant tourist attractions. So it should not come as a surprise that the world’s largest mall houses a 9,993,487 litre aquarium. The attraction is a part of the Burj Dubai complex.

4. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

If you’re in Japan, the Okinawa ChuraumiAquarium is a place you must visit. A part of the Ocean Expo Park, the aquarium also has one of the largest viewing panels, giving you an excellent view of the animal life within.

5. L'Oceanografic

Valencia, Spain’s L'Oceanografic has a walk-through aquarium. This Oceanographic is the largest in Europe, and it is home to not only marine mammals and fish but also penguins, walruses and sea lions. You’ll also fall in love with the beautifully designed building complex.

6. Turkuazoo

Do you want to go diving with sharks? Then Istambul’sTurkuazooAquarium is the place you need to visit. It is also Europe’s largest aquarium.

7. Monterey Bay Aquarium

This Californian Aquarium’s claim to fame is that it was the first one to house a great white shark. The aquarium also has the largest single-paned viewing windows.

8. uShaka Marine World

Located in Durban, South Africa, one of the aquariums in this marine world is designed to look like an underwater wreck. The marine world, which is the largest in Africa, is well-known for its restaurant, “The Cargo Hold” that has a shark aquarium wall.

9. Aquarium of Genoa

This Italian aqua world is one of the largest in Europe and its different aquariums mimic different marine habitats such as the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean.

10. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

You can walk through the world’s longest underwater aquarium tunnel at this Chinese aquarium. The aquarium complex is divided into different habitats and it holds rare and endangered Chinese species.

11. National Aquarium

This attractive looking aquarium from Baltimore has a rainforest terrarium, which sets it apart from other aquariums. The nearly 38,000 litre aquarium has around 700 species of animals in it.

12. Aquarium of Western Australia

Also known as AQWA, this aquarium from Perth is the largest in Australia. You can explore the aquarium by walking through the water tunnel or you can choose to dive inside with a professional.

13. The Aquadom

Located inside the Radisson Hotel in Berlin, The Aquadom is not the largest aquarium but is a marvel of engineering nevertheless. The aquarium is a column of water that’s 25 meters high, 11 meters around, and is located in the centre of the building. This stunning aquarium has 2,600 different species, but its unique design is its claim to fame.

14. Hotel Atlantis

If you don’t want to be part of a crowd, then Dubai’s Hotel Atlantis offers you the perfect alternative. The hotel has rooms that make you feel you’re underwater, thanks to huge aquarium walls.

15. New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is in Boston, Massachusetts. The aquarium is located close to the harbour and offers visitors a chance to spot whales in the wild.

Here’s a bonus!

16. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Last in the list is the world’s the largest aquarium and it’s a part of China’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Apart from the aquarium, the place is also one of the most visited theme parks in the world.

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