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17 Breathtakingly Beautiful Natural Water Falls You Absolutely Must Visit!

Jun 05, 2017

Waterfalls across the world are some of the nature’s most spectacular wonders. From the majestic falls to the surrounding landscape, each waterfall is distinct and splendid in its own way. Here are our 17 favourite waterfalls from across the globe.

1) Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe

One of the most spectacular falls in the world is Victoria Falls located on the Zambezi River in Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is the largest sheet of falling water in the world.

2) Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil

These picturesque falls are one of the world’s largest waterfalls and are surrounded by wildlife and jungles. It is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

3) Angel Falls in Venezuela

One of Venezuela’s top tourist attractions, these waterfalls are one of the highest waterfalls in the world. It is 979 m high and is created by the Churun River and flows over the mountain in the Canaima National Park.

4) Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

These falls is higher than Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls and is the world’s widest single-drop waterfall located in the Kaieteur National Park in Guyana.

5) Yosemite Falls in the USA

Located in Sierra Nevada of California this is one the world’s tallest waterfalls at 2425ft. The falls consist of three sections and are the highest waterfall in Yosemite National Park.

6) Plitvice Falls in Croatia

Plitvice Falls is located inside Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. The national park has plenty of cascades, waterfalls, and lakes in it.

7) Sutherland Falls in New Zealand

Sutherland Falls is the tallest waterfalls in New Zealand and is created by the Arthur River and is among the tallest waterfalls in the world.

8) Wallaman Falls in Australia

Located in Girringun National Park, this is a horsetail waterfall. This is the largest single drop waterfall in Australia.

9) Detian Waterfall China/Vietnam

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Asia is located on Guichun River between China and Vietnam. You can visit this as a tourist of China or Vietnam.

10) Jog Waterfall in India

It is one of the highest waterfalls in India and is located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The 4 cascades are known as Raja, Rani, Rocket and Rover and they merge together to form a spectacular waterfall. You can also trek to the waterfalls and enjoy the view.

11) Gullfoss, Iceland

Gulfoss is a very unique waterfall because it tumbles on the Hvita River in two tiers at 90-degree angles to each other. This is located in Haukadalur in Southwest Ireland.

12) Niagra Falls in Canada/USA

Located in North America, this is one of the biggest waterfalls because of the sheer volume of water—about 7000 cubic meters per second. This waterfall is easy to access and can be viewed from all angles.

13) Dettifoss, Iceland

Dettifoss waterfall is located in Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland. It is a very powerful waterfall and sends glacial meltwaters over its 44m precipice at the rate of 500 cubic meters per second. It has a stunning landscape and is a must visit if you are in Iceland.

14) Havasu Falls, USA

Havasu Falls is located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona in the United States of America. It is very popular and makes a stunning picture because it plunges over the fiery red rocks and collects in a pool of blue waters within a remote area in the park.

15) McWay Falls, USA

These waterfalls are unique because they cascade directly into the ocean. It is an 80-ft waterfall that flows throughout the year from Mcway Creek about 37 miles from Carmel, California.

16) Burney Falls, USA

Burney Falls, once called the “eighth wonder of the world” by President Theodore Roosevelt is located in Shasta County, California. The waterfalls originate from underground springs and flows even during the dry summer months. These falls are an example of waterfalls formed by the undercutting of horizontal strata.

17) Kilt Rock Waterfall, Scotland

The waterfalls are called kilt rock because it gushes over cliffs that resemble a kilt on Scotland’s second largest island. (Isle of Skye) The vertical basalt columns look like the pleats on a Scottish kilt.

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