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4 Advantages of Drinking Water This Winter Season

Dec 07, 2017

Everyone knows that drinking water is important for a healthy lifestyle. But, what many people do not know is how water plays an important role according to each season of the year. Hence, we bring to you five ways that water helps your bodily functions in winters.

  1. Brighter skin

Water is a way our body gets rid of toxins in the body. If our body is deprived of water, these toxins will look for another way to escape from the body. The next best option the body finds to get rid of toxins is by releasing them is through our pores. This process leads to blocked pores, and these cannot be completely cleaned out with the help of face washes. Hence, it is important for you remain hydrated so that your pores do not get blocked.

  1. Better digestion

Warm water in specific helps improve your body’s digestion. The reason behind this is that it helps break down the food particles faster. This way, the food you eat gets digested faster.

On the other hand, cold water will lead to the oil in the food you have consumed to harden. This means that it becomes harder for your body to digest the food. But, luckily, cold water can easily be replaced by warm water.

  1. Increase your body’s energy

If your body starts to get dehydrated, you start to feel fatigue. The reason behind this is that the blood volume starts to fall. This means that the heart has to put in more effort to push the oxygen and nutrients to all of the parts body. This requires your body to put in more energy, leading to a decrease in the energy you have for other tasks. That is why it is important for you to remember to drink water regularly.

  1. Reduce weight gain

At times, your brain misinterprets thirst as hunger. By keeping hydrated, you feel less hungry throughout the day. This means that you will consume lesser calories in your daily diet.

Also, if your body starts getting dehydrated, it will start to store the water you consume. This storage of water is known as water weight. As water consumption reduces, your body’s water weight increases. This leads to an increase in body weight.

Having problems remembering to drink water? Keep a bottle of water on your desk and on the side table of your bed. Also, you can install reminders on your phone so that staying hydrated becomes easier.

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