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4 Effective Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Concentration

Dec 12, 2017

The ability to concentrate and focus is a critical life skill, and can play an important role in your child's overall growth. Helping your children in improving their concentration is a positive step towards realising their dreams and life goals.

At Livpure, we are always working for the betterment of our society. Kids are an important part of our present and future. The Livpure #100DreamsOfYoungIndia campaign promotes the holistic development of a child, so that every kid’s dream can be made a reality.

In this post, we are sharing 4 effective ways that can help increase the concentration and focus of your little one.

Listen to their Aspirations


It is important to listen and understand your kid's dreams and desires. Often, kids change their life goals as they grow up. Listening to them regularly and asking about the reasons behind their changing thought process will help you understand your child's mentality better. This will not only help you in encouraging your kid towards a suited career path but will also establish an everlasting bond of trust and friendship.

Take things Step-by-Step



Sometimes an overzealous effort to help a child with their life and dreams can prompt parents into overburdening the child with responsibilities and activities. As stated in the point above, a child may have a change of heart many times over while growing up, so it is important that you allow the child to grow into situations rather than throwing them abruptly into them. Quite often, a child will lose focus if a task or activity is either too hard or too easy for him.

Adopting a step-by-step approach and letting the child understand the rewards and consequences of their aspirations will strengthen them mentally, and inculcate wise decision making.

Praise them Often




One of the most important ways of encouraging is praising the effort made by your kid, whether they are successful or not. Children can focus and perform better when they know that you're always there to back them up.

Compliments can work wonders on your child's concentration and energy levels. Even genuine criticism should be offered with affection and a promise of support.

Introducing a Healthy Lifestyle


Age appropriate nutrition and rest contribute greatly to your child's concentration and focus. Too many carbohydrate-heavy diets can cause sleepiness and inactivity. Introduce your child to complex carbs, proteins and fresh fruits. Also, develop a habit of drinking water regularly in your child, as hydration is one of the most important factors in improving human body functions.

Join #100DreamsOfYoungIndia

The Livpure #100DreamsOfYoungIndia campaign invites participation from parents all over India, asking them to share the dreams of their little ones. We have a dedicated microsite, where you can upload a video of your kid, expressing his/her dreams. You can also post the link to a video on our microsite or share the expression on our dedicated #100DreamsOfYoungIndia Whatsapp number.

100 dreams will be shortlisted by our panel and awarded with Livpure Water Purifiers, as a small contribution for their healthy future. However, the #100DreamsOfYoungIndia campaign has more to it than competing for rewards, it is about helping you understand and grow with your child's aspirations.

Visit https://www.livpure.in/100-dreams-of-young-india to participate in the campaign.


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