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4 Scientifically-Proven Reasons Why Dehydration Affects Productivity!

May 24, 2017

As an entrepreneur or an IT professional, you’re focused on your business or career and know that being productive on a daily basis is highly important. You can ensure that your day starts and ends on a good note – by consuming sufficient amount of water. Water has numerous health benefits. 

The human body is made up of two-thirds of water. Clean and pure water helps your body perform various important functions such as regulate the body temperature, supply oxygen to the vital organs, lubricate joints, carry essential nutrients, and flush out harmful toxins. 

But when you don’t regularly reload on your body’s water supply, it affects even the most common bodily functions like memory and attention. Also, lack of water affects the electrolyte and sodium levels in your body inhibiting your cognitive abilities. It further hampers you both physically and mentally, and you’ll have trouble trying to stay productive throughout the day. 

Here are 4 scientifically-proven reasons as to why dehydration can affect your daily productivity

1. Impairment in cognitive functions

Mild dehydration which is a loss of more than 5% of your body weight can affect blood flow and impact neural activity, which further affects the blood vessels in the brain. It results in reduced cognitive ability with processes such as concentration, attention span, reaction time, and short-term memory. Dehydration also affects the structure of the brain and can have implications on the overall mental and physical health. All of these factors directly affect productivity. 

2. Loss of mental faculties

Water deprivation clearly leads to fatigue and lethargy. They can be described as both a psychological and a physiological experience that are common symptoms of dehydration. An individual who’s suffering from fatigue will mostly showcase signs of reduced functional efficiency and slower reaction times.

What are the other symptoms of fatigue that’ll affect your productivity?
– Having trouble concentrating on a given task
– Short attention span
– Sore eyes
– Yawning
– Cramps
– Impatient, anxiety or anger 

These above symptoms may lead to some form of serious injury too, especially for workers who operate heavy machinery, people who commute to work in a car or a bike. Dehydration may also impact functions such as visuospatial processing, planning and executing tasks. It also impairs judgement and affects individuals when making decisions.

3. Hamper physical performance

The survival of humans is linked to the ability that helps maintain homeostasis. It helps preserve the water balance and effectively regulate the body’s core temperature. Homeostasis faces different kinds of challenges on a daily basis. It comes in the form of voluntary physical activities, involuntary such as illnesses, and environmental conditions such as heat or humidity. 

A decrease in the water intake and an increase in the core temperature of your body may result in a serious situation. You may experience low levels of physical performance and impairment in cardiovascular function.  This is the key reason why athletes like to preserve the fluid balance and optimize their physical performance.

4. Immune system is affected

When you’re not drinking sufficient amount of water, it leads to toxins collecting up in your system. It isn’t healthy, and your immune system works harder to get rid of these toxins.  When you’re well-hydrated, your immune system performs at its peak level preventing you from different kinds of diseases. 

Consume clean and pure water every single day. Whether you work from home or travel to work, staying hydrated will not only help you be productive, but will also help you decrease stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and stay energetic.


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