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4 ways to decorate your homes in an Eco-friendly way

Oct 19, 2017

Every festive season brings joy and celebration with it. Preparing for the festivities, we try to redo our home decor to make it feel more special. Generally, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, repositioning of furnishings and new upholstery feature on our to-do lists for the Diwali preparations.

Well, why not do something different this Diwali by opting for eco-friendly home decoration? Here are some ways to do so:

Go for furniture made from reclaimed materials

If you are planning to add a new furniture item or replace an existing one, you can look for some eco-friendly home furnishings. There are many companies and startups selling stylish furniture and home decor items that are made from 100% recycled materials. These furnishings require way less processing and energy to make and can be a great addition to your green home.

Eco-friendly paints for a fresh look

We all know the acidic smell associated with newly painted walls. It is caused by chemicals mixed in the paint. Eco-friendly paints on the other hand, are free from those harmful chemicals and thus do not threaten your health by releasing smelly volatile organic compounds in the ambient air. Get your walls to look glorious again, the eco-friendly way!

Go green with indoor plants

Need to add some decorative items to your home? Buy some indoor plants. Plants not only look good, but are also considered effective indoor air cleaners. They clean the ambient air by trapping air pollutants and carbon dioxide. Plants, such as lavender and orchids, can be placed in your balcony. Their pleasant smell will make your home environment calm and relaxed.

Use Smart Home Solutions

Smart home solutions such as LED lighting, auto switches, air purifiers and water purifiers will help conserve energy, reduce wastage and keep your family healthy. These products are eco-friendly and built with recyclable compounds for a cleaner and greener future.

Wish to add your own tips to the list? We welcome your comments and contributions for more innovative ideas for home decoration, especially since it is the Diwali season and everyone is looking for some tips for home decor.

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