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5 Free water drinking reminder apps for Android and iOS

Dec 11, 2017

Drinking water is one of the best ways to get calorie free nourishment. Drinking water rich in minerals and nutrients keeps us healthy and active, providing benefits such as a glowing skin, proper digestion, and even heightened immunity.

If you have been trying to routinise your daily water intake, but have trouble doing so because of a busy schedule, here are some apps you can use to set water drinking reminders on your smartphone.

Water Drink Reminder

water drink reminder screenshot

Does what it says, the app was selected by Google Play as the Best of 2016 Apps and Best Self-Improvement App. You can jump straight into setting your water drinking reminders, and the app keeps you informed about your daily, weekly and monthly target with a cool graphical representation.

The app also supports smartwatches, and offers quick-glance information about your water drinking targets for the day.

Daily Water

water goals screenshot

The app is designed to ensure that you meet your water goals, everyday. Daily Water is a fairly simple app which lets you schedule reminders and provides a statistical analysis of your water consumption over a set period of time.


idrated water app screenshot

Putting a quirky twist to the word hydrated, and tying it to the iPhone jargon, the app is one of the top-rated water apps on the App Store. You can input basic information about yourself (gender, age, weight, activity levels) and the app will setup a daily water intake target for you.

iDrated also lets you know how hydrated you are at any given moment by keeping track of the last time you had a drink of water.


waterlogged app screenshot

This app takes your water drinking reminder customisation to the next level by letting you save the type of bottles and cups you have for drinking water. Simply click a picture of the containers you use for drinking water and save it with the exact quantity of water it can hold.

The next time you drink water from a specific glass, cup or bottle, just tap it from the list of options and your daily targets will get updated accordingly.

Hydro Coach

Hydro coach water drinking reminder app screenshot

Another highly rated and highly customisable water drinking reminder app, which lets you calculate how much water your body needs and tracks your daily intakes. The app supports a number of Android Wear devices and is one of the top rated apps on the Google Play Store.

Importance of Drinking Water from a Clean Source

Drinking clean water is also very important to benefit from regular water intakes during a day. RO water purifiers are one of the best home and office water purifying solutions available today. RO water is also rich in minerals and nutrients thus protecting you from diseases and infections associated with water pollution.

Livpure Finish Your Glass Campaign

If you do not want to install another app on your phone or think that app reminders are easy to swipe off, sign up for the Livpure Finish Your Glass Campaign and we will send you daily SMS reminders to help with your daily water drinking goals.

Livpure offers the best water purifiers for home and office use, and has a prompt installation service with complete maintenance support.

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