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5 Quick Fixes for Healthy, Happy and Glowing Skin

Mar 01, 2017

The way your skin looks and feels is important. Not just for reasons of vanity, although having nice looking skin is great. Dry, blotchy, or flaky skin is one of the hardest things to hide. And more than that, the quality of your skin is a key indicator of your overall health. The reason moisturizers and skin creams are often proven ineffective is because they are a band-aid solution. They're really just covering up a bigger problem.

Your skin cells are produced inside your body, and if your body's not happy on the inside, the quality will suffer on the outside, and this often shows up as poor skin conditions. A cream might soften or hide poor quality skin cells for a little while, but those cells will soon die and be replaced with new poor quality skin cells. To make a lasting change to the health and beauty of your skin, you need to make a lasting change to your lifestyle.


Feed Your Body Properly

You may have noticed that every area of your health, from weight loss to preventing disease, seems to start with the way you eat and drink. There’s a reason for that; your body literally builds itself by breaking food down into its basic forms, and then putting those parts together in new ways. “You are what you eat” might be taking it a step too far, but your body can only build using the materials you give it.

There is a dizzying array of nutrients that are important to the maintenance of healthy skin, from carotenoids to collagen, but as a rule of thumb, if you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, you will get what you need. A few foods deserve special mention. Egg yolks are loaded with biotin, which is a B-vitamin crucial to healthy hair, nails, and skin. Monounsaturated fatty acids do wonders for the way your skin looks by keeping it hydrated. In other words, don’t skip the fats. Avocados and tree nuts are especially good sources. Finally, while the vitamin C in any citrus fruit is great, learn to appreciate the rind. D-limonene in the peel is great for your skin, and if you grate it up it makes a surprisingly delicious seasoning you can add to almost any dish.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Making sure your body gets all the right stuff is not limited to food. Drinking more water is one of the easiest lifestyle changes to make. So few people get their eight glasses a day, which is bad news considering recent research seems to place the minimum order closer to thirteen. People will go to extreme lengths to lose weight, including major diet changes, fitness plans, and health supplements, yet they could amplify their results by simply drinking more water.

Your body uses water to transport nutrients. If you don’t drink enough, then regardless of how many superfoods you eat, most of the nutrients will not even make it to your skin cells. Quantity is the first step, but consuming pure drinking water is also key. If the water you drink is unclean, your body will try to get it out of your system as fast as possible, which means all that water you just drank will go to waste!

A good water purifier is a quick fix to this problem. The Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier is a great option for a simple yet effective purifier, while the Livpure Knight RO Hot and Cold Water Dispenser not only gives you pure drinking water, but also controls the temperature and enhances the taste of water.


Keep the Wrong Stuff Out of Your Body

Eating and drinking the right foods and liquids gives your body the building blocks to keep you healthy, but consuming the wrong things can have a huge adverse effect. As far as your skin is concerned, one main focus should be limiting the amount of alcohol you consume. One glass of wine (or your favourite spirit) a day is fine, but any more than that can start to harm your skin, even if you don't get drunk. As little as two drinks a day can cause the blood vessels near the surface of your skin to start to enlarge, especially the ones in your face. This results in blotchy and discoloured look and can leave you looking like you're in rough shape.

It's best to stay away from junk food as well. When your body is overloaded with toxins and other harmful substances, it tries to get rid of them quickly by expelling them through the skin. This can cause acne or rashes to appear all over. Extremely salty snacks can leave you dehydrated, making your skin dry and flaky, while salty and oily snacks often result in pimples and zits.


Do the Work and Your Body Will Too

Obviously, exercise is great for a lot of reasons, but getting in even 20 minutes of exercise a day will do wonders for your skin. First, the increased circulation will keep your skin looking flushed and radiant, especially the skin of your face and extremities. Secondly, working out will help flush out any toxins in your body when you sweat. That means your body has a natural way of getting rid of all that bad stuff, without it showing up as imperfections on your skin. Finally, you may not feel super attractive when you're all covered in sweat, but it does wonders by clearing out your pores and leaving your skin with a beautiful healthy shine. Just one more great reason to stick to your regular workouts.

Grit Your Teeth and Take a Cold Shower

This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but long, hot, steamy showers are terrible for the quality of your skin. Not only do they sap the natural moisture from your skin, they also wash off the oils that are supposed to maintain your skin’s quality. If you use heavily scented or deodorizing soap, you’re just doubling up on the damage. Stick to short, cool showers. Ice showers are great for both your immune system and your mood, but don’t worry, they are not mandatory for healthy skin. Just keep the temperature at lukewarm and try not to take too long. If you can find a soap with added natural fat, all the better. The film it leaves behind will make your skin shine with a healthy glow.

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