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5 reasons to consider buying a new water purifier for your home

Jun 20, 2018

How long have you used your water purifier?

The average life of a water purifier is around 6-7 years. If your water purifier is nearing that period, perhaps it is time to look for some new options in the market.

But what if the existing on is working fine?

Well, while it is good that you have maintained your home water purifier timely and with care, but you should also take into account the technological updates to the water filtration technology during that period. Furthermore, the water quality may also have gotten worse due to the rising levels of water pollution.

Here are the five reasons why you should consider buying a new water purifier.

Protection from Water Pollution

The obvious reason is of course the protection on offer. An RO water purifier can remove almost all inorganic impurities from the water. If you have already been using an RO water purifier, it is perhaps time to upgrade to RO + UV, which offers total protection from organic contaminants like bacteria and viruses.

Continuous Supply of Clean Water

While people argue that they can always use boiled water instead of getting a water purifier, the advantage that a water purifier has over boiled water is that it offers a 24x7 supply of clean drinking and cooking water.

Different Products for Different Needs

Not every home requires the top-of-the-line RO + UV water purifiers. Water quality varies from place to place, and therefore, considerate brands like Livpure are offering water specific filtration products. You can go for a gravity based water purifier, an RO water purifier or an RO + UV water purifier based on the quality of water in your supply.

Purified Water has its Benefits

Purified water helps in keeping you healthy, provides nutrition to your skin and hair, and has a vast number of other health benefits for the children and seniors in the house. So it is a win win for all when you buy a new water purifier.

Summers are here

Lastly, summers are here and that makes it a reason for us to buy a water purifier as you will need a higher dose of water to keep everyone in the family hydrated. Getting a water purifier means you no longer need to keep track of the number of filled water bottles in the fridge.

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