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5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Air Quality Testing!

May 31, 2017

Have you ever considered testing the quality of air in your house? Your answer is probably, ‘no’. That’s because most of us don’t think the indoor air as being harmful. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. The air you breathe indoors could contain disease-causing pathogens, allergens, and even dangerous chemicals. Sometimes, this air could be even more harmful than the air outdoors! So, here are 5 reasons why you must get the air quality in your house or workplace tested.

1. Mould and mildew
These are fungi that can quickly colonise dark, warm and damp places – basements and attics are usually the common places where mould and mildew can first appear. The microscopic spores released by fungi into the air can have adverse health effects on our respiratory system. Though the symptoms vary, it can result in asthma attacks in severe cases.

2. Dust and dander
Dust, pet dander, pollen, and dead skin cells are some of the many different types of tiny particles present indoors, which can cause allergic reactions. Droppings from tiny pests such as dust mites, and cockroach droppings and cat saliva are also responsible for respiratory problems in some people.

3. Chemicals
Volatile organic chemical fumes released from paints, printer inks, solvents, etc., inorganic chemical vapours originating from pesticides, toxic chemicals released from drains and animal droppings are some of the sources of harmful chemicals in an indoor environment. It’s important to check if the levels of toxic organic and inorganic chemicals are at a safe level indoors because an overdose can result in severe health problems through prolonged exposure.

4. Carbon monoxide
CO is released into the air through combustion. Burning of stoves at homes can release CO, and increased concentration of this colourless and odourless is not good for your health. CO can make you feel nauseated and even make you lose consciousness.

5. Radon

Radon is a colourless, odourless and radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. The inert gas is released when uranium present in soil decays. The radon that gets released into the air can sometimes leak into a building. And when it does, there’s no way of realizing it without actually testing specifically for it.

Besides resulting in health problems, poor indoor air quality can also reduce your employee morale in a workplace. You can ensure the air you are breathing in is healthy to a great extent by keeping your indoor space hygienic through regular cleaning.

The other way to effectively cleanse your indoor air is by installing an air purifier with a HEPA filter. An advanced air purifier will not only filter our microscopic suspended particles, it’ll also remove harmful bacteria and viruses as well as chemicals fumes.

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