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5 Simple Things You Should Definitely Learn from Japanese Lifestyle!

Aug 30, 2017

From cherry blossoms and sushi to cutting-edge technology, Japan is known for a variety of things. But what is really amazing is their healthy lifestyle and how regular people manage to be healthy and incorporate a wellness regime in their daily lives. Here we list 5 simple habits of the Japanese lifestyle that we should definitely adopt and practice


1) Cleanliness is Godliness

Japan is known to be a very clean city and they manage this without having fines for littering and not having dustbins or trash cans in public places. Shocked or puzzled? Don’t be. The Japanese carry their trash or rubbish with them until they reach home or reach a store where there is a dustbin. Even public places like schools and malls don’t have dustbins and it is absolutely amazing to see people keep their surroundings clean and tidy in spite of this.

Instead of dustbins, they have recycling bins where you can discard plastic bottles or cans bought from soda machines. The Japanese are known for their top-notch waste recycling system as well. This is something that we should definitely adopt and practice in India.


2) Hygiene plays a vital role in daily life

The Japanese are known to be very particular about hygiene and this is reflected in every aspect of their daily lives. Wet towels are given before meals so that people can clean their hands; money is placed on trays during a transaction at a store so that the customer and cashier don’t touch hands. What’s more? If you’ve ever been to Japan you would have noticed that people wear masks all the time. This is because the wearer might be sick and may be suffering from the flu or cold and they don’t want to spread the germs and make other people in their surroundings sick! Such practices ensure that the Japanese lead healthy lives and are less prone to diseases.


3)  Emphasis on a healthy lifestyle

According to the World Health Organization, the Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world. This can be attributed to their healthy lifestyle – exercise, healthy food and meditation.  For the Japanese, being healthy is a way of life and this means that they have a healthy mind and body. Meditation, daily consumption of tea and fish and appreciating nature are daily rituals. Cup of chai anyone?


4) Morning exercise is mandatory for both children and adults

Morning exercise commonly known as asa taisou in Japanese is a morning stretch routine that is practiced every morning with the leader giving strict counts. This is done in both classrooms and businesses. This ensures that all individuals are active and fit and ready to take on the day’s chores.


5) Decoding the Japanese diet

With diet fads doing the rounds and people blindly deleting certain food groups from their daily diet, the million dollar question is what to eat to stay healthy? The Japanese are living testimony that eating local, fresh food in small proportions is the key to staying healthy.

They eat a bowl of rice and fermented soybeans with a grated long potato on a regular basis. Miso soup, which is known to fight the damaging effects of radiation is also had every morning. Barley grass powder which is great for skin and hair is mixed with milk, water and had a smoothie.

So, try to inculcate these simple practices in your daily life and you can see your health and quality of life improve drastically.

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