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5 Tips for asthma relief in Indian metro cities

Nov 27, 2017

Indian metro cities are facing unprecedented levels of air pollution. The rising levels of pollutants in the air are affecting everyone, from children to adults to the elderly. Even the animal kingdom is feeling the harmful effects of the acute changes in the environment.

Air pollution has given rise to a slew of health issues for people living in metro cities. Asthma is one of the most widespread respiratory disease in the country today. Asthma not only causes severe discomfort to the affected individuals, but can also result in a number of serious health issues if not kept under control.

In this post, we are sharing our #sampurnasuraksha guide for asthma relief to help you prepare against the ill effects of air pollution.

Identify the allergens that affect you the most

People who have asthma, generally, also have a specific allergic response to certain particles. Begin your fight against asthma attack by identifying the particles that affect you the most.

Ensure the health of your respiratory system

Since asthma is caused by a disorder in our immune system, it may cause lasting harm to our respiratory system if it becomes chronic. Respiratory infections are not uncommon in people who have asthma. Therefore, it is very important that you take preemptive measures such as getting immunised against flu and pneumonia. Keeping your respiratory health intact will also help in reducing the severity and frequency of the asthma attacks.

Keep your house clean and ventilated

The chances of asthma attacks are reduced significantly when we breathe in clean air. To ensure that your house remains free of pollutants that trigger your asthma, you can start using a vacuum cleaner instead of brooms and mops. Additionally use microfibre cloths instead of regular cloths for dusting, microfibre cloths trap the dust instead of just taking them off an ambient surface.

Open windows and doors in early morning to let the clean air enter your house and replace the polluted air. However, if you live near a main road or in an industrial area, follow the next step.

Invest in a home air purifier

Air purifiers have become a popular home product for people living in larger cities of the country, and not without reason. A good quality air purifier can remove almost all the harmful dust and particulate matter pollutants from your home environment. Products from companies such as Livpure use a HEPA filter which is considered the best home and office air cleaning technology available today.

You can also consider buying an air purifier for your office if you are working in an industrial environment or if your workplace is in a heavily polluted area.

Always keep professional help handy

Keep your doctor's appointments regular and share any discomfort - minor or major - with your doctor. If you have any other ailment which can affect your asthma or vice versa, it is important to keep a tab on that as well. You can also consider consulting an asthma care specialist, such as a pulmonologist.

Furthermore, your inhaler should always remain within easy reach, and keep a spare one for emergencies in your car or travelling bag.

Summing up, with a little focus you can easily lead a productive and happy life as everyone else. By developing simple habits and staying alert to a change in your environment, you can reduce the instances of discomfort and anxiety that come with asthma.

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