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5 Tips to Ensure You Are Drinking Pure Water This Monsoon!

Jun 07, 2017

Monsoons are welcomed with open arms since it cools the weather and gives us relief from the sweltering heat. It is absolutely refreshing and everyone enjoys this season. However, monsoons also bring with them some water-borne diseases like typhoid, chikungunya, malaria, Hepatitis A, diarrhoea and much more. Check out 5 tips mentioned below that will help you drink pure water and keep diseases at bay.

1)Boil water before consumption

Boiling water kills all the water-borne bacteria. Make sure you boil water for at least 20 minutes. Close the vessel and let the water cool down. Keeping it open makes it more prone to contamination by air-borne bacteria.

2) Get a superior quality water purifier

Do some research online and check with a water expert to figure out, which is the best water purification system for your needs. Make sure you pick up a water purifier that is suitable for the water available in your area.

3) The purifier must retain minerals present in water

The purifier must purify the water and retain minerals such as zinc, magnesium and calcium present in water. It must get rid of bacteria and germs but not essential minerals.

4) Carry your own water bottle when you step outside

Carrying your own water from home will solve a lot of problems as you know that you are drinking clean and pure water. Make sure you fill a bottle of water before you step out of your house.

5) If you buy water outside make sure the bottles or containers are sealed

Make sure that the water you buy outside come in sealed bottles or containers. These are simple and easy steps that will help you keep yourself and your family safe from water-borne diseases.

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