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5 ways to make sure that you and your family are never without pure drinking water

Apr 21, 2017

We’re all aware that the human body needs water to thrive. You’ll also come across problems relating to the unavailability of clean and safe drinking water in many areas. This is a major issue in several homes across the country as people still have no access to water that’s pure and healthy for consumption. The water is contaminated and filled with impurities such as harmful micro-organisms and heavy metals.

Depending on your location, how your water is sourced and the kind of plumbing and environmental factors involved, your drinking water can range from being extremely nasty to pure. It’s your responsibility to ensure that it tastes good and is equally healthy. The following tips will make sure that you and your family are always consuming pure and healthy water.

1. Install a water purifier

A reliable and high-quality water purifier is a great addition to your home. It’ll help remove contaminants like harmful micro-organisms and heavy metals from the impure water. Studies have shown that drinking clean water that’s free from impurities has numerous health benefits. Research and read reviews online about various water purifiers available in the market. Pick one that’ll suit your needs and fit your budget or rent an RO instead.

2. Pay attention to your community’s water supply   

All members of your community need to play an active role and take measures to protect the water supply. Make sure that the pipes are not exposed to harmful substances like chemicals and pesticides. If there’s something that’s affecting the quality of water, it’s necessary that the whole community takes appropriate action and informs the local water board.

3. Test your water

It’s a good practice to test your water on a regular basis. Currently, numerous water testing kits are available at home improvement stores and online. The kit will help you test for eight common elements like bacteria, pesticides, lead, chlorine, nitrites/nitrates, hardness and pH level. Alternatively, you could also hand over the task to a professional team. They’ll test the water and forward the data to a lab for an in-depth analysis and come up with a comprehensive report.

4. Call the plumber

Do you feel that your water pipes are corroded? Noticing any kind of problems like leaky taps or uneven water pressure? Plumbing issues not only cause property damage but can also lead to contamination of water that’s coming into your home. Have the contact number of a dependable and professional plumber handy. Never delay in fixing the problems related to your water supply.

5. Boil your water

Boiling water helps eliminate germs like bacteria and viruses. Consuming a cup of boiled water 45 minutes after your meal promotes digestion. Similarly, it detoxifies your body, improves blood circulation, eases constipation and helps you maintain healthy skin. However, it’s important to note that boiling the water will not eliminate elements like nitrates, pesticides or lead. Invest in a smart water purifier that’ll help you eliminate both micro-organisms and heavy metals that are present in impure water.

Make sure that you regularly check the quality of water at your home. It’s highly important that you take quick and appropriate action when you suspect the water at your home is unhealthy and unsafe for drinking. Even if your water tastes fine and it may not make you sick immediately, it doesn’t imply that your water is safe, clean or healthy. Your family’s health is vital and you should never ignore this issue.

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