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5 Ways You Can Teach Your Kids to Save Water

Jan 03, 2018

Water conservation is an important trait everyone should develop. Letting your kids know of the important part water plays in our lives will ensure that the future generations are more conscious about environmental sustainability. By taking steps together, we can build a brighter future, where our children become responsible stewards of the planet.

Here is how you can teach your kids to be more water conscious:

Turning Off the Faucets

We waste a lot of water by keeping the tap on while brushing teeth or scrubbing our hands and face. Teach your children to turn off the faucet so that the water does not run down the drain and wasted unnecessarily.

Also, turning off the faucet properly after use is necessary. If you or your child forgets to do so, a lot of water may get wasted through the continuous dripping.

Flushing Responsibly

Every time we flush a toilet, about 12-18 litres of water is used. If you have younger kids, ask them not to flush repeatedly when going for a pee. You can also switch to modern toilet tanks, which come with a half flush mechanism to stop water wastage.

Bathing with Shower

Using quick showers for bathing kids will save water as opposed to filling in the bath tub or using buckets.

Encouraging Water Reuse

Teach your kids to reuse discarded water from your home RO water purifier and ‘old’ leftover water in bottles and cups. For starters, this water can be used to hydrate the grass and plants in your garden.

Buying Water Purifiers

As responsible parents you can invest in technologies, which ensure cleaner water for your family. Buy a home water purifier and let your children know about the importance of clean water for our health and environment. This will prompt them to become more responsible when using water.

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