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6 Common Summer Allergies & How to Keep Your Child Safe from Them

Apr 27, 2017

When summer comes, you have double the worries on your mind. Your children will be at home, enjoying a break from studies. You, on the other hand, need to take extra care to ensure that your child does not indulge in too much mischief nor fall sick. In the summer, allergies are quite common and it affects children the most. It helps to be prepared to fight against these allergies. Check out 6 common summer allergies that you may encounter and tips on how to keep your child safe.

Skin rashes

Skin rashes tend to occur when the skin is excessively dry exposed to sunlight for a long period of time or when sweat and dirt have accumulated on it. As children tend to go out and play for long periods of time, the chances of skin rashes getting triggered are quite high. You can avoid this by making sure your child has a proper bath prior to and after every session of physical activity. However, make sure the water used to take bath is pure and uncontaminated. In case they are already affected, using medicated talcum powder can help reduce the itchiness.

Cold, cough and sneezing

While it is difficult to pinpoint one single cause for a cough, cold and sneezing, it can happen due to various factors such as dust, food habits and more. With food habits, you will need to instill a sense of control, making sure that the kids do not excessively consume junk food or unhealthy food. When it comes to dust, however, there's not much your child can do, which is why we recommend you to install a reliable air purifier at home.

Water contamination

During summer there are high chances that bacteria and viruses can contaminate water. This can lead to waterborne diseases and in some cases allergic reaction. While it may be difficult to monitor your children out of your house, make sure you give them only purified water when at home.

Dry eyes

Due to the harsh summer, your eyes require more moisture. However, if they are unable to naturally moisturize, it can result in an allergic condition known as dry eyes. This can cause severe irritation, hampering your daily activities. Kids tend to rub their eyes vigorously if this happens, which means that things simply get worse. To prevent this, make sure your children wash their eyes with pure water at least 4 to 6 times a day.

Creatures and pests

During summer, many insects, bugs and tiny creatures tend to be quite active. While allergies due to insect bites and stings may not be that common, it is still highly advisable to be on the lookout. Insect repellants, astringent gels and nets will help to a great extent. Also, making sure the air inside your house is pure helps in reducing the infestation of these creatures.

Sore eyes / Red eyes

Another common occurrence during summer, although not necessarily strictly an allergy, sore eyes can not only be painful but can also make your kids very cranky. To make sure sore eyes do not spread, wash your hands thoroughly with pure water every time you touch an infected eye. Also, regularly rinsing the eyes with pure water can help reduce the discomfort to some extent.

In conclusion, while it may be almost impossible to prevent allergies from occurring during summer, you'll need to take the best possible preventive measures to make sure you and your children are well prepared. Also, to boost their immunity and keep them hydrated, make sure they drink plenty of fresh fluids, particularly purified water.

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