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6 Healthy Items Inspired by Western Countries That Are Not Healthy

Oct 01, 2017

The first things that come to the mind when we talk about the western countries are development and technological advancement. Western countries are technologically more advanced and developed than the majority of their eastern counterparts. However, these advancements have certainly taken a toll on the dietary customs of the western countries. With the advent of processed foods that boast to be a substitute of regular indigenous items and health drinks that come as a replacement of water, the diet of western countries has certainly taken a turn for the worse.

While we try to emulate the tremendous growth and development of the western nations, we should avoid having them inspire us to take in things that might seem to be healthy, but are not so at all. Read on to find out the top six “healthy” items from the western diet that we should completely avoid.   

1) Sodas and health drinks

Sodas and health drinks are being religiously promoted by the western countries as the best alternative to plain drinking water. While these health drinks do contain a variety of vital nutrients, they aren’t actually healthy for excessive usage. These health drinks and energy drinks contain added sugar and caffeine which is harmful to the human health in large amounts. They can increase your calorie level and cause complications of the heart. These beverages are a strict no-no for regular use for the health-conscious people out there.

2) Industrially processed foods


The western countries rely on industrially processed foods as THE staple food. From chicken nuggets and hot dogs to processed meat, cookies and muffins- the list goes on. The fast paced life serves as an ideal blooming ground for these processed foods which are cheap, tasty and available on-the-go. However, these processed foods aren’t as healthy as you would think them to be. The processing nearly takes away all the nutrient value from the food and you are left with loads of salt, sugar, artificial colours and preservatives inside your body which can degrade your health.

3) Industrial animal products

While having animal products like meat, fish, milk and other dairy products do actually provide us with plenty of nutrients that do a whole lot of good to our body, the same doesn’t apply for processed products. Industrially processed animal meat has been found to contain a mix of pesticides and antibiotics that are harmful to human health. Industrially processed animal products like burgers, salami and sausages contain loads of preservatives, sugar, salt and additives which can harm your health in more ways than one.

4) Modern wheat products

Wheat has been a dietary component across the globe since thousands of years. However, the processes of cultivating old wheat and the modern one are entirely different. Old wheat was cultivated correctly and contained all the essential nutrients healthy for our body. Modern wheat is cultivated through a new process that that gives a greater yield at a lower cost. The effect is that most of the nutrient value is removed while adding on to the carb content. So while modern wheat products like baked goods, pasta and crackers might seem to be healthy, they are not actually.

5) Minimal intake of fruits and vegetables

With all the processed food available cheaply, the western countries are inspiring us to follow their footsteps and opt for a non-green diet. Vegetables and fruits are very important for our health as they provide us with all the vitamins, proteins and nutrients that are vital to carry out life. However, with the advent of fast food that “boast” of containing all the nutrients required by our body for a healthy life, people have started avoiding our leafy friends altogether. One of the major reasons behind people getting more addicted to processed foods as a tastier substitute to vegetables and fruits is that the government doesn’t offer any major subsidy on these products, while processed food companies get their share of subsidy to market their products. Getting back to the point, leaving out vegetables and fruits from the diet is very harmful, as you would miss out on essential vitamins, proteins, fats and other nutrients and instead would add on a lot of calories and sugar.

6) Entirely cooked foods

While cooking certainly makes out food tasty and it’s true that we have been cooking food since ages, still it’s a good practice to incorporate certain raw items in your diet to give you an unadulterated supply of enzymes. Enzymes are important as they help in carrying out a host of processes of the human body, such as digestion. Raw and fermented foods like yoghurt and fermented veggies keep a good supply of enzymes to the body. While the western countries are tend to inspire us to have entirely cooked foods, we should always gulp down some raw foods to keep our health intact.

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