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7 Basic Things You Should Check In Formula Milk Before You Give to Your Baby!

May 26, 2017

As a mother, you’ll have plenty of concerns for your newborn baby. Right from the day of delivery to the moment you return home – your baby’s safety is your number one priority. Your entire day and night revolve around the health and well-being of your child. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and plays a vital role in the development of your baby. But there’ll come a time when you’d have to choose a milk formula. Here are 7 important points you need to bear in mind before you choose the right baby formula.

1. The different forms of baby milk formula

Ready-to-use, liquid concentrate, and powdered formula are the 3 different kinds of baby formula. The ready-to-use formula is given to newborns at the hospitals and is considered hygienic. It’s also the most convenient as it requires no mixing or measuring. Just open and feed your baby.

Liquid concentrate formula will require you to mix equal parts of formula and water. When compared to the ready-to-use formula, the liquid concentrate formula is less expensive. It also takes up little storage space. When compared to the powdered formula, it’s more expensive, but preparation is much easier.

The powdered formula is the most environmentally friendly and most economical option. Preparation takes more time when compared to the other types of formula. Also, you must pay close attention and follow the exact directions while preparing the milk formula.

2. Cow’s milk

Cow-based milk formula is less expensive. These formulas have variations that can help babies with digestive problems or cater to fussy babies as well. Start with cow milk’s formula before you pick any other option. Studies show that most of the babies’ digestive systems have a high tolerance with a cow-based milk formula.

3. Soy milk

There is a chance that a cow-based milk formula may not suit your baby. Also, you may notice your baby facing physical discomfort like feeling gassy or even a rash may appear.  You can choose to switch to soy milk. But it’s important and make sure that you speak with your paediatrician first before you buy a soy-based milk formula.

7. Probiotic and prebiotic baby formula

Presently, numerous baby formulas arrive with probiotics. They’re the healthy bacteria that usually reside in the gut area and aid in breaking down medicine and food. They help maintain a healthy digestive system. Prebiotics baby formulas assist in stimulating and supporting the growth of friendly bacteria too. Studies show that babies who suffer from diarrhoea may get some relief when introduced to probiotics formula.

5. Organic vs. regular

At the supermarket, you may come across organic baby milk formulas. Currently, there is no substantial data to back up the difference between organic and regular milk formula. So, save your money and put it towards items such as organic fruits and vegetables.

6. Essential nutrients

For a child's development, breast milk is vital as its rich in iron. In order to provide the similar nutrients, baby milk formulas are fortified with iron too. Make sure that you don’t purchase low-iron baby formula unless your doctor or paediatrician makes any suggestions. Other essential nutrients that make up the baby formula are fatty acids, ARA and DHA that help in the development of the brain and eyes.

7. Always select trusted brands

When you try to pick a good baby formula, never hesitate to spend the extra cash. Branded companies conduct extensive research with their milk formulas and the clinical outcomes. They not only pay close attention to the taste of the formula but also how the baby’s brain would respond to it. However, generic brands don’t put in much research and time for their milk formulas. It’s practical that you invest your money in baby formulas only from trusted brands.

Age matters when you select baby formula and ensure that you purchase one for your baby’s age range. The formula for a newborn has a varying composition of minerals and vitamins when compared to the formula for a 6-month old or a tot. Also, when mixing the powder ensure you always use clean and purified water.

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