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7 Easy Ways To Ensure Your Child Gets Proper Nutrition During The First Year!

May 29, 2017

During your pregnancy, you’ve made sure that you’re consuming the right food items not just for you, but your baby as well. After childbirth, your journey as a mother will be challenging, emotional, and can be equally rewarding too. Your top priority is always to be around and ensure no harm comes to your baby. For the mental and physical development of your baby nutrition is vital. Here are 7 easy ways to ensure your baby gets enough nutrition during its first year.

1. Breastfeeding

Your baby will receive all its nutrition for the first six months through breast milk. It has the perfect quantity and quality of healthy nutrients. The contents of breast milk will not cause diarrhoea or constipation as they’re easy on the digestive system. Breast milk is also rich in antibodies and wards off infections.

2. Milk formula

Make sure you purchase an iron-fortified milk formula (first 9-12 months). The baby formula must be cow-based milk. Homemade formulas made from evaporated, canned or whole milk (goat or cow) is not recommended as an alternative to breast milk. Consult your doctor or paediatrician if you need help to choose the right milk formula for your baby. Always ensure that you use clean water when you prepare the baby formula.

3. Iron-rich foods

For your baby’s development start with foods (about 6-months old) that are packed with iron. Food items rich in iron include meat, cooked egg yolk, poultry, chickpeas, lentils and beans. Also, iron-fortified cereals like barley or rice make a good choice.

4. Plain food 

Ensure that the food is plain. No added salt, spices or sugar is the right approach. Also, you may use commercial baby foods. However, read the label carefully and make sure there’s no presence of added sugar or salt.

5. Grain products

For 6-9 months of age, twice a day, you can feed up to 2-4 tbsp. of iron-fortified cereal. You could also try feeding your baby grain products like tiny pieces of dry toast. After 9 months, offer whole grain bread, plain cereals, pasta, and rice.

6. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins. You can feed cooked puréed fruits like a soft mashed-up banana. For vegetables (green, yellow, or orange) you could try feeding your baby cooked puréed/mashed vegetables. 

7. Meat and milk products

Dice or mince the cooked meat, tofu, chicken, fish, and eggs into very tiny pieces. It’ll make it smooth for your baby to swallow and digestion will be easy too. A dairy food product such as cottage cheese, grated cheese, and yoghurt that’s 3.25% fat content or higher are recommended. After 12 months, make sure that your baby does not drink more than 720ml of milk/dairy products per day.

The job profile of a mother is never easy. She’s under constant pressure to look after and give her best to her baby. Her top concern is her baby right from the moment he/she is awake untill the time they fall asleep. From a nappy change in the morning to healthy nutrition, they’ve got their hands full. 


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