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7 gifts you should buy for family this Diwali

Oct 19, 2017

The festival of lights is all about spreading love and happiness around you. What better way than beautiful gifts for your loved ones to give them merry surprises? If you have you been giving the same old dry-fruit trays and fancy diyas every year, let's break the trend this Diwali and gift some thoughtful items to delight everyone.

Eco-friendly home decoration items

If you are considering regular gifts such as picture frames and vases, opt for some Eco-friendly home decor items instead. Your friends and family members will love the innovative items made from recycled materials and the gifts will have the added novelty of being Eco-friendly. You can search online for some exciting concepts.

An air purifier

Household appliances also make for very practical gifts, but the thing is, everybody already owns most of them. An air purifier, however, can make for a great gift and symbolize the need for cleaner, cracker free Diwali at the same time. You can also have a look at water purifiers and other smart home solutions as an alternative. You can also take a moment to enlighten everybody about the rising air and water pollution and explain the concept of sampurna suraksha from pollution.

Metal railing planters

Quite a thoughtful gift for people who love gardening and have a balcony full of plants. These planters come in sprightly colors and look great hanging from the railings with beautiful flowers and greens. Getting one of these will surely delight the person who receives them.

Wellness Gift hampers

Since Diwali marks the onset of winters in most parts of the country, you can consider wellness and beauty hampers as Diwali presents for your loved ones. You can also DIY by packing some exotic soaps, natural oils and lotions in small wooden baskets or other such fancy trappings.

Phone covers and accessories

Smartphone accessories are another practical alternative to consider as festive presents this Diwali. You can have fun selecting cases and covers that match the personality of your friend or family member, or surprise them by going for something that’s the exact opposite. Other smartphone accessories such as headphones, Bluetooth speakers and fitness bands also make for great Diwali gifts.

Shopping vouchers

One of the best and hassle-free option is to gift your loved ones with shopping vouchers. Everyone shops online these days, so you can order some of those Amazon gift vouchers and put them in fancy wrappings to create instant gifts.

Chocolates and cookies

This one never gets old, a gift pack full of Ferrero Rochers and Hershey’s always delights the receivers. Everyone will be hoping that it's intended for them once you bring out the presents and start handing them over.

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