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7 Health Problems That Can Come Up If You Do Not Drink Enough Water

Jun 23, 2017

Just like the food the human body needs an adequate amount of water on a daily basis. Regular water intake is vital and helps regulate your bodily functions. Not consuming enough amount of water or lack of fluids in your system can lead to different kinds of physical and mental ailments. Let us look at some of the major health problems you may face due to lack of water.

1. Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when there isn’t enough water in your body. You may feel dizzy, lethargic and have trouble concentrating or abrupt changes in mood. Excessive loss of water causes severe dehydration and may lead to death as well. It’s important that you consume at least 6-8 glasses of water every single day.  

2. Weakness

Water plays a crucial role in replenishing your body, repairing the damaged tissues, carrying oxygen to all the vital organs and getting rid of unhealthy toxins. Without the adequate supply of water in your system, your organs will not function appropriately. Eventually, this results in weakness and a lethargic feeling.

3. Affects brain structure and function

Due to lack of water, a dehydrated brain begins to shrink. Also, your brain works extra hard in order to carry out its functions. Subsequently, this affects your cognitive abilities such as memory and attention. Furthermore, you’ll have trouble with your motor skills and performing daily activities.  

4. Constipation

Water helps in bowel movement and in the process gets rid of harmful toxins from your body. With dehydration or lack of fluids, the long intestine tends to extract water from the food waste. It’s not healthy, and this results in hard stools and hence makes it difficult for the bowels to pass. Not paying attention to this problem can also lead to chronic constipation.

5. Affects the kidneys

Kidneys filter the waste products from your blood and also help in regulating the red blood cell production, electrolyte balance, and blood pressure. Due to lack of water, there’s collection of waste in your system. Abnormal heart rhythms may take place because the kidneys find it difficult to remove or regulate potassium levels in your bloodstream.

Also, you may experience problems like shortness of breath, weakness, and confusion.

6. Muscle cramps

You may experience muscle cramps when your body is deprived of fluids or water. A cramp is a forcibly contracted and involuntary muscle that does not relax. Muscle cramps of the leg and feet are quite common. They can be in the form of mild twitches and in certain cases can be extremely painful. Usually, cramps lead to an abrupt and intense pain in the affected muscle.

7. Headache

When your body undergoes dehydration, the brain tends to temporarily shrink or contract. This form of mechanism makes your brain pull away from the skull and hence causes pain. In other words, you experience a headache. A headache can be relatively mild or in certain cases severe as a migraine. 

So, what are the benefits of drinking water?

–Natural remedy for a headache

–Prevents sprains and cramps

–Relieves fatigue and increases energy

–Flushes out harmful toxins from the body

–Improves the complexion of your skin

–Promotes weight loss

–Boosts your immune system

Almost 70% of our body is made up of water. It’s a healthy resource that helps your body grow, sustain and function optimally. Replenish and rejuvenate your system by consuming water regularly on a daily basis. Remember to always finish your glass of water!

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