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7 Healthy Baby Food Recipes Every Mother Should Know

Apr 26, 2017

Motherhood might probably be the best gift that a woman can ask for, and a tad confusing as well. To be specific, you might want to give your baby the best mix of all the vital nutrients, vitamins and proteins while growing up; however, you may not know how. You might as well wonder if you could just mix it up more often so that you are scared of all your baby’s tantrums while making sure that they get that perfect healthy diet!

The common call is not to introduce any solid food in your baby’s diet until they are 6 months old. Also, it’s important to use clean, pure water to feed your growing child. While keeping that in view, here are 7 of the most healthy and tasty recipes that ensure your baby grows strong, healthy and vibrant.

Pea Purée

Add some peas in a bowl of purified water and steam until it becomes soft and tender. Mix it with some breast milk and blend until it becomes creamy. Place the mixture in the freezer and allow it to solidify. Before serving, warm the purée cubes and stir thoroughly. Peas provide your baby with Vitamins A and C, as well as with all the iron, nutrients and protein that your baby requires.

Banana Purée

Place a banana in a blender till it becomes smooth. Add water according to your desired level of consistency. For a creamier feel, you can even use breast milk instead of water. Stir thoroughly and feed your baby. “Nature’s own antacid” - bananas - happen to be quite gentle on the stomach and healthy for your baby as well.

Avocado Purée

An avocado purée is a great recipe to enhance the “good fat” levels in your baby’s body; these fats are essential for both physical and mental development.Purée an avocado in the blender until it becomes smooth and then add some water. You can even add some breast milk or formula to get a creamy feel. The creamy avocado texture is something that your baby would love to gobble up!

Beets and blueberry mash

Use a grater to remove the beetroot skin after rinsing the blueberries and beetroots in water. Add chopped beetroot pieces and blueberries in a bowl of water and cook the mixture until the beets become tender. Place in a blender and feed your baby the resulting mash once it reaches room temperature. A great combo of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins, the beet and blueberry mash happens to be both healthy and tasty recipe for your baby.

Pumpkin Thyme Purée

Take a pumpkin and chop it down into small pieces. Roast the pieces until the flesh becomes tender and delicate. Peel away the pumpkin skin and toss it in a blender, mixing it with thyme. Add water until you the mixture reaches your desired consistency; or, you can even add breast milk to make the mixture creamier. Allow it to stand until it cools to room temperature. Your baby is ready to have that tasty pumpkin purée that you just prepared. Laced with potassium, iron and beta-carotene, pumpkin thyme purée is a great recipe to make your child healthier and stronger.

Carrot, white fish and Leek Purée

Prepare the purée by steaming carrot fish fillet and leek in a steamer basket for around 15 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool and then blend it in a blender, periodically adding water to reach the desired level of consistency. You can even add breast milk to give it a creamy look. The omega-3 contained in the white fish fillet is great for the development of your baby’s central nervous system, while carrot provides all the antioxidants. Leeks support the cardiovascular system of the baby to accelerate growth and development of the body.

Quinoa Baby Cereal

Boil two full cups of water in a pot and add a cup of quinoa to it. Cover the pot and lower the heat until the water has just been absorbed fully. Let the quinoa stand for around 5 minutes before fluffing it up.Spices such as ginger, vanilla and cinnamon are perfectly okay if your baby is about a year old. Avoid using spices if they any younger. The growth of your baby gets accelerated due to the great reserve of proteins in the quinoa grains.

So, why wait anymore? Put on your kitchen aprons and get started with all these yummy yet tasty recipes for that little one in your family!

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