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7 Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy If You Work on a PC All Day!

Apr 26, 2017

If you are working in a corporate or IT setup, you would know that it’s quite difficult not to spend most of your time in front of a PC. The harsh glare from the monitor does more damage to your eyes than you can comprehend. Just because your eyes don’t hold water or irritate you, it doesn’t mean all is well. Follow these 7 simple tips and keep your eyes safe and healthy.

1. Reduce the glare from your screen

Increased glare can dry up your eyes, causing severe eye irritation. Decrease the screen brightness and contrast to ensure that there is no major glare from your monitor. If the glare persists, install an additional anti-glare film onto your screen.

2. Adjust your display settings

Calibrate your monitor to ensure that the colour balance is set to a comfortable level. Lower colour temperatures are better for the eyes but can result in a poor display quality, which may not be ideal for those working in an environment where colour reproduction is essential.

3. Make sure the ambient lighting is optimum

If the surrounding light is not at the optimal level, then no matter what changes you make to your monitor, it is not going to be effective. Make sure that the source of light is falling from behind you onto your screen and not from behind the display screen itself.

4. Go out for some fresh air

Did you know that stuffy air found in most offices is a major cause of eye irritation? Go out for a walk so that your eyes get access to fresh air. This will help them moisturise, leading to better comfort. In case you are unable to leave your office premises, you can suggest your higher management to install a high-quality air purifier.

5. Look away from the screen often

Staring at the screen for long periods of time can cause the eyes to dry up, leading to irritation. To avoid this, make sure you constantly look away from the screen, at least once every fifteen minutes. It also helps your eyes change focus from a close-up object to something far off, thereby maintaining the efficiency of your eye.

6. Double your rate of blinking

Continuously staring at the display screen leads to dryness in the eyes. Blinking more than usual ensures that your eyes get moist more often. It may take a great amount of effort to consciously blink faster, but once you get the hang of it, it'll come to you naturally.

7. Eye drops as the last alternative

While one is tempted to use eye drops to moisten the eye and reduce irritation, it is recommended to use it as a last resort. It’s because your eyes may get accustomed to the eye drops as the primary source of moisture, leading to life-long dependency on the eye drops. Instead, whenever your eyes feel tired, wash them thoroughly with fresh, pure water.

Across many homes and offices, everyone relies on the computer for work or recreational purposes. There are moments where we can go about spending hours sitting in a single spot and stare away at the monitor. Try some of the tips that we’ve shared with you, and they’ll help minimize the strain on your eyes.

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