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7 reasons why you shouldn't drink aerated drinks

Aug 23, 2017

We have all heard numerous facts about how and why aerated drinks are bad for our health. Packed with sugar and chemicals, these addictive fizzy drinks do no good to your body. Some may argue that the “diet” versions of aerated drinks are low on sugar. However, there is little or no evidence to prove that these low-fat drinks add any value to your health. What makes aerated drinks more dangerous is their addictive properties. It’s no mystery why children and teenagers find themselves grabbing a soda at every meal!

Here’s why you should stay away from aerated drinks to keep your health in check.


Adds to your weight woes

Aerated drinks are loaded with sugar making it a bane for those trying to lose or maintain their weight. A twenty-year study on 120,000 men and women revealed that those who increased their aerated drink consumption by one twelve-ounce serving per day gained an extra pound every four years as compared to people who did not change their intake.


Stresses out your kidneys

Your kidneys need to work harder to flush out aerated drinks which have been touted to significantly increase the risk of chronic kidney diseases among regular drinkers. Furthermore, aerated drinks are also known to cause the formation of kidney stones due to their highly acidic contents.


Increases the risk of heart disease

Owing to its high sugar levels and calorie count, aerated drinks have been proven to cause multiple heart ailments. Recently, the American Heart Association found out that consuming even a single can of an aerated drink can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, a key predecessor of heart disease and diabetes by 48 per cent.


Behavioural disorders

Studies reveal that the artificial ingredients such as food colourings, flavours, sweeteners, MSG and citric acid in aerated drinks can cause disturbing behavioural traits including as aggression, lack of focus and poor brain functioning.


Primary cause of tooth decay

As discussed earlier, aerated drinks have a high sugar content which is a major contributor to tooth decay and a host of other dental problems like plaque and cavity formation. Moreover, the acidity of aerated drinks also causes abrasion of the enamel. Dental experts have cited a significant loss of enamel on the front teeth of teenagers who regularly drink sodas. It was found that a woman who drank two litres of diet soda every day for three to five years had the same level of tooth decay as a meth addict.

Caffeine kicks can be addictive

Being high in caffeine makes aerated drinks addictive. Overconsumption of caffeine in high doses can cause a plethora of psychological problems including irritability, restlessness, tension, insomnia as well as high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disturbance, excessive urination, and more.


It may lead to diabetes.

The high sugar content in aerated drinks puts a lot of strain on your pancreases making it produce more insulin to process the sugar. Over sustained consumption, this strain on the pancreases can lead to Type 2 Diabetes as your cells begin to resist the excessive level of insulin it produces.


Steer clear of aerated drinks that do no good to your body. Instead, hydrate yourself with clean drinking water. Drinking adequate amounts of water has a host of advantages including radiant skin, improved digestion and longevity of cells. While aerated drinks are available wherever you turn, do your body a favour and stay away from it. Remember: your body is your temple. Only let wholesome and nourishing things enter your body temple to attain the highest degree of health.

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