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7 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drink Chilled Water!

May 25, 2017

The scorching and unbearable heat and profusely sweating are clear signs of the hot summer season. Moreover, the environmental pollution makes it even worse. So, the chances are high that as soon as you get home or to your office, you’d want to lay your hands on a bottle of chilled or cold water. The instant relief right after your first sip is refreshing. However, consuming ice cold or chilled water is not healthy, and you may experience certain physical discomforts.

Here’s why you shouldn’t drink chilled water and avoid making it a habit

1. Digestive problems

After drinking chilled water, the blood vessels in your stomach tend to shrink, and it affects the digestion process. Also, it inhibits the speed of digestion which becomes slow, and the food isn’t digested appropriately. The body doesn’t absorb the nutrition from the food as well. Over a period, it certainly isn’t healthy and may lead to fatigue or weakness.

2. Decrease in heart rate

Studies show that drinking cold water leads to the decrease in heart rate and stimulates the vagus nerve. This nerve helps control the involuntary functions of the body and is an integral part of the nervous system. The heart rate slows down because the vagus nerve is directly affected by the low temperature of the water.

3. Succumb to a sore throat  

Consuming chilled water may lead to a build-up of respiratory mucosa (a protective layer of the respiratory tract). There are chances that this layer may face congestion. Further, this may lead to the exposure of the respiratory tract which further becomes susceptible to various kinds of throat infections. Hence, it’s highly possible to catch a sore throat.

4. Body doesn’t absorb vital nutrients

To manage both the voluntary and involuntary functions, the human body maintains a certain temperature. When you consume chilled water or any other cold fluid, your body works hard to regulate the change in temperature and bring it to an equilibrium state. However, the energy spent was specifically needed by your body to help digest food and in the absorption of nutrients. After any meal, it’s highly important that you consume warm water. Not only will it help you with digestion but food passes easily through the intestinal tract and avoids problems such as constipation.

5. Problems with bowel movement

Due to the low temperature of chilled water, your body finds it difficult to break down the food. It further leads to the hardening of fats and digestion becomes difficult. As the food hardens or congeals, it puts a strain on the intestines, and they tend to contract. It leads to constipation.

6. Drains energy levels

At first, you may feel relieved after drinking chilled water. But on the longer run, it saps your energy. It happens because energy is spent trying to regulate your body’s temperature and bring it to a normal level.

7. May cause a headache

Sometimes you may come across a moment known as ‘brain-freeze.' It occurs when you eat ice cream or something that’s cold. The same effect can take place with cold or chilled water which affects the sensitive nerves present in the spine. They instantly relay the messages to the brain, which further causes a headache.

It’s important to watch your daily water intake and never dehydrate. Similarly, it’s vital that you don’t make consumption of chilled water a habit. Room temperature, purified or boiled water will help your internal organs function appropriately and promote better health.

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