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7 Simple psychological factors that contribute to happiness

Jun 01, 2017

All of us want happiness but most of us find it quite elusive. Happiness is a state of mind and varies from person to person. Happiness can last for a few moments or last an entire lifetime. From travel and food to relationships, various factors make people happy. Here we list 7 simple psychological factors that can contribute to your happiness. 

1) Gratitude

Gratitude or being thankful for all the good things in your life is known to be a significant contributor to your happiness. Maintain a diary or gratitude journal where you write down all the things in your life that you are thankful for—good food, health, relationships and more. This helps you concentrate on the positive things in your life rather than the negative and makes you happy.

2) Relationships

People who have fulfilling or meaningful relationships are known to be happier. These relationships can be with a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a partner or a friend. Positive relationships where it is mutually beneficial for the individuals involved and where you get emotional support and encouragement, allows an individual to thrive and be in a good space mentally.

3) Exercise and working out

Scientific research proves that people who exercise often and eat healthily, enjoy better mental health and well-being and have lower chances of suffering from depression. This is also because working out releases hormones called endorphins which make you feel positive and good about yourself.

4) Choosing experiences over physical possessions

Great experiences like going for a good play or enjoying a fantastic meal at a restaurant or going for a hot air balloon ride, make you happy and cherish your life. Instead of buying expensive things and hoarding them, make sure you invest in experiences as they make you happy and thankful.

5) Meditation or spiritual engagement

Meditation not only calms your mind but also helps you put things in perspective. It calms you down, allows you to think rationally, awakens the creative parts of your brain, makes you less anxious and reduces your stress. 

Meditation also helps you focus and concentrate better. It also produces feel-good hormones like endorphins and serotonin and increases your chance of being happy.

6) Positive mindset

You must have heard the line “a positive mind is a happy mind”. Being positive helps create value in your life and has a positive impact on your health and mind. In short, it makes you happy. So, the next time you start thinking on a negative tangent, banish those thoughts and make an effort to stay positive and optimistic


7) Good standards of living and a good workplace

A good home and a good workplace are two factors that significantly contribute to your chance of being happy. So, make sure you get a job that gives you satisfaction and one that you are passionate about. Also, make sure your home is clean, comfortable and clutter-free so that you feel positive when you reach home. It’s alright if it’s a studio apartment or you're sharing an apartment with a friend, just make sure that you make it cosy and inviting.

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