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7 Simple Ways To Prevent Air Pollution From Entering Your Home

May 31, 2017

Your home is important to you and your family. You’ve taken necessary precautions and made sure you’re all safe both night and day. With air pollution levels rising in all major cities across the country, a lot of people prefer to stay indoors. But air pollution can even affect your homes and lower the quality of air that you breathe. Here are 7 ways how you can prevent air pollution at your home.

1. Install an air purifier
Air pollutants such as cigarette smoke, pet dander, pollen, dust, and mould spores lower the quality of air at your home. A high-quality and multi-stage air purifier will help eliminate these harmful pollutants so you can breathe healthier air at home.

2. Controlled use of household cleaners

Sure it’s important to clean your rooms and bathrooms on a regular basis. But you need to be cautious while using household cleaners. Harsh chemicals release fumes that may lead to irritation in the mouth, nose, and lungs. Patients who suffer from sinusitis and asthma may find their conditions getting worse after being exposed to such chemicals. It may further lead to inflammation making it difficult for people suffering from chronic lung conditions.

3. Avoid cigarette smoke

One of the most harmful forms of indoor pollution is due to cigarette smoke. The harmful residual particles and gas pose serious health risks especially in the rooms with carpets and fabrics. Children and older people are susceptible to the toxic chemicals that get settled on the different surfaces at home. The best option is to avoid smoking at home or never indulge in the habit.

4. Vacuum regularly

Harmful allergens tend to accumulate in household dust for a long duration. Use a vacuum clean with a HEPA filter. You can get rid of allergens such as dust mites, pet dander and pollen and toxins such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs are fire-retardant chemicals). A high-quality vacuum cleaner with strong suction, HEPA filter, and rotating brushes will ensure that dirt and dust are effectively collected and not blown out through the exhaust.

5. Dehumidify

Dust mites and mould thrive in moisture. A humidity level of around 30-50% will keep them and the other allergens strictly under control. Invest in a top-quality dehumidifier that’ll help you effectively control the allergens by reducing moisture in the indoor air. An air conditioner during the summer season does a perfect job too. Also, air conditioners will help reduce the pollen count in your home.


6.  Avoid harmful fragrances 

Several fragrances are manufactured from petroleum products. A group of chemicals known as phthalates are mostly used in manufacturing fragrances, and they’re also employed to soften down plastics. Studies have shown that phthalates affect the functioning of hormones in animals. You can select naturally-scented or fragrance-free laundry products and try reducing the use of aerosol sprays. 

7. Dispose of the trash

Make sure that you get rid of both the organic and inorganic waste from your kitchen on a regular basis. Don’t let any form of waste linger around your home at all. It’s a breeding ground for all kinds of harmful micro-organisms. Your kitchen and the entire home will have an unpleasant smell and pollute the air. 
Well, it’s not easy to maintain the outdoor air quality. However, you can choose to monitor the quality of air of your home. Pay close attention to the points that are shared above, and it’s certain you’ll be reducing harmful agents from entering and polluting your home. 


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