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7 things that cause indoor air pollution you never knew!

Sep 21, 2017


Most of you are blissfully unaware of the effects of indoor air pollution on your health. If you are suffering from allergies and asthma, indoor air pollution can worsen your health condition.  From short-term effects like eye and throat irritation to long-term effects like respiratory diseases, indoor air pollution can seriously damage your health.

Here are seven sources of indoor air pollution that may be less commonly known.

New electronics and other plastic products

The outer body of most electronics and white goods are made of plastics that emit a harmful odour that can cause hormonal abnormalities and reproductive problems. The flame-retardant chemicals used in these products have been linked to neurobehavioral changes in animal studies. To keep these health issues at bay, it's best you ventilate spaces where these electronics are kept until the chemical odour dissipates. Also, vacuum cleaning the area where computers, printers, and televisions are placed often can reduce these harmful odours.


Synthetic fragrances, perfumes, and deodorizers

Chemicals present in room fresheners, fragrances, and deodorizers can be of spurious nature and are often not regulated by the government. These chemicals are known to be highly volatile and semi-volatile making the toxin. Inhaling these fragrances regularly can cause skin irritation, allergies, central nervous system and reproductive disorders.



Mould is a naturally occurring allergen that can cause asthma, allergic reactions and other chronic respiratory conditions to anyone who is exposed to it for extensive periods of time. Mould breeds rapidly in damp, warm and dark conditions. Thus, you must keep your home as dry as possible to maintain a humidity level and prevent mould breeding.


Upholstered furniture and pressed-wood products

People often find themselves sneezing in a furniture store. This is because many furniture and wood products emit formaldehyde, which can lead to eye, nose, and throat irritation. Asthma sufferers may also face wheezing and cough attacks. To avoid this, increase ventilation when you bring new furniture into your home.


Fumes from paraffin wax candles.

Candles are a used commonly in homes as they add a charm to the house. However, a study revealed that candles made of paraffin wax release toxic chemicals such as toluene and benzene that can quickly build up to an unhealthy level in enclosed spaces. Use earthen diyas or paraffin-free candles for festive lighting instead of paraffin candles.


Combustion pollutants

If you use an unvented fireplace or gas stove to keep your home warm during winter, you are unknowingly letting in hazardous gases into your home. Some of the hazardous gases that may be produced include nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide which can be fatal if inhaled in large quantities over a long period of time. Make sure your fireplace is properly ventilated to avoid respiratory conditions caused by these harmful gases.


Broken compact fluorescent lights.

When CFL bulbs break, they emit mercury into the air. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can cause psychological and behavioural abnormalities in children and adults. It’s best you avoid CFLs in lamps that could easily fall. If a CFL bulb breaks ventilate the room immediately and do not use it for a few hours.

Even though the sources of indoor air pollution are plenty, simple tips can help you eliminate them. Knowledge of the perils of indoor air pollution and following the tips listed in this article can help you stay safe.

In spite of taking necessary precautions, the air within your home can be polluted by breeze, pets, humans, and machines. For best results, use an air purifier to reduce the levels of air pollutants in your home. Install an air purifier in every room to improve air-cleaning efficiency.



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