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7 Ways to Reduce the Effect of Air Pollution on Your Health

Dec 07, 2017

Pollutants in the air are on the rise as winters approach. This is due to the cold weather which traps the chemicals in the air. These chemicals are released into the atmosphere from the emissions from factories, vehicles, the burning of crops, etc. This is why we bring you 7 tips on how to deal with air pollution this winter season.

  1. Do not go out at night

On every day of the year, nights tend to be cooler than when the sun is out. This is because sun provides a source of heat to us. As winters approach, temperatures drop, making nights even colder. The cold temperature traps pollution better, leading to you breathing in the pollutants. Hence, it is advised that you avoid going out in the night when the temperature starts to get cooler. In case you have to go out in these hours, we advise that you carry an air mask with you.

  1. Increase the amount of greenery around you

While breathing, our body absorbs the oxygen in the air and releases carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. On the other hand, plants absorb this carbon dioxide and emit back oxygen into the atmosphere. A balance between living things maintain the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere.

But, as number of factories and cars on the road increase, the amount of carbon dioxide increase and the oxygen levels decrease within the atmosphere. By increasing the greenery around you, you help convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe. If you are confused about how to increase greenery, you can start off by growing indoor plants. This is a natural way to clean the air inside of your house.

  1. Use an air mask

Although air masks do not protect you 100% from the air pollution around you, it does help reduce the effect. Air masks cover your mouth and nose. The cloth in the mask consists of filters which trap some of the pollutants within it. Hence, the air that reaches your mouth and nose has a lower content of pollution. This way, you can reduce the amount of pollutants that you inhale.

  1. Exercise indoors

Exercising is an essential part of staying fit. But, this also means that you are inhaling more pollutants while you work out. The reason behind this is that exercises such as jogging, cycling, and jump rope increase your heart rate. An increased heart rate means that you inhale more air. As the air indoors is cleaner, it is advised that any such activities are not done outdoors. To do so, you can either purchase a gym membership, or look for workouts you can do at home.

  1. Opt for bus and metro as a source of public transport instead of auto rickshaws

In an average day, going outside cannot be completely avoided. Many people tend to opt for public transport to get their work done. While doing so, it is advised that a ‘closed’ form of public transport is chosen, such as a bus or metro. By choosing a bus or metro over an auto rickshaw, you inhale lesser amounts of harmful pollutants. Also, these forms of public transport will help you save some money on every trip.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

The cold weather brings viruses and air pollution along with it. This may lead to you breathing through your mouth more than you realize. The constant air through your mouth makes your tract drier. You may not be able to control whether you breathe from your mouth or nose. But, you can reduce the side effects that come along with breathing through your mouth. Hence, doctors advise that you drink at least two to three liters of water each day.

  1. Keep your air purifier on for longer hours

As winter approaches, the cold weather traps pollutants better within the air. When these pollutants react, they produce secondary pollutants, which is known as smog. As smog increases, more people are opting for air purifiers for their homes. By keeping it on for longer hours, you will be getting cleaner air in your surroundings. With advanced technology, air purifiers have an indicator that tells you the air quality of the room.

The level of air pollution around you may not be in your control. But, you can try your best to tackle the effects it may have on your body.

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