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8 Reasons Why Our Ancestors Were Able to Live Long and Healthy Without Modern Medicines

Apr 24, 2017

Despite our generation having all the modern amenities and technological advancements at our disposal, we often wonder why our ancestors had a better quality of life. Read on, and you’ll learn about the various conditions that helped our ancestors live long and healthier lives.

1. Fresh air and sunlight

Our ancestors had access to fresh and unpolluted air, and the right amount of sunlight. While it’s possible for us to clean the air with the help of an air purifier, there was no such device back in the old days. Sadly, with the amount of pollution in today’s world, you have no choice but to opt for a reliable air purifier. Currently, the earth’s ozone layer is depleted that allows harmful UV rays to penetrate. With repeated exposure to these rays leads to cancer and several other skin diseases. 

2. Non-sedentary lifestyle

There were no computers and therefore a non-sedentary lifestyle. People were working in the farms and fields, doing manual labour that was energy intensive. In return, it helped the body develop and grow resistant to diseases.

3. Organic fruits, vegetables, and meat

Natural fruits and vegetables meant that there was no scope for harmful pesticides and other chemicals to cause health problems. Both animals and fishes had access to fresh and unpolluted sources of food and water. Hence any fish or animal consumed as meat would be devoid of unwanted substances. 


4. No processed or junk food

Our ancestors didn’t feel the need to develop processed food due to the availability of fresh and healthy produce. Processed food, which is high in unwanted substances such as preservatives, flavouring, colouring agents, emulsifiers and other chemicals leads to health issues in the long run. Furthermore, our immunity levels tend to be much lower.

5. Lower stress levels

Unlike the current hectic lifestyle, our ancestors led a peaceful and systematic life. It meant that they were under less stressful conditions, thereby keeping their heart and other internal organs in great condition. In return, this helped prolong their lifespan.

6. Pure, uncontaminated water

Water is an essential part of our lives, with over 60% of the human body comprising of water. Our ancestors had access to free, pure and uncontaminated water. Clean water meant fewer diseases, leading to healthier and longer life. In the current scenario, a viable option to enjoy the purity of water is to install a high-quality water purifier.

7. Natural medicine

Unlike modern day medicine made in laboratories using artificially synthesised chemicals, our ancestors used to make their own medicine by combining healthy substances that occurred naturally in their surroundings. It implies that there were no harmful side effects; thereby it helped prolong their lifespan.

8. No harmful radiation

We now live in the modern era where we cannot imagine life without electronic equipment. Mobile network towers, television towers, satellite communication and other means by which we stay connected lead to health problems. It’s due to the emission of non-ionizing radiation. Prolonged exposure to such radiation causes cancer and other diseases.

With rapid changes throughout the globe, every individual is affected. While technology has changed our lives for the good, not everyone is free from problems that affect health. Despite the various challenges and environmental pollution, humans in the modern era need to make a conscious effort to live a healthy life.

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