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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Showering with Cold Water

Apr 27, 2017

Cold showers are scientifically proven to have health benefits. It helps with your mental and physical development. For centuries they’ve been used as a way to treat different kinds of ailments. Read on and learn some incredible benefits of taking a cold water bath!

1. Builds willpower

Cold showers help in improving and increasing your willpower. Especially during the winter season, there’s a lot of hesitation and fear that you may fall sick. However, once you develop the habit of taking cold showers, over the long run you’ll be amazed as to how it mentally empowers you.

2. Improves hair and skin

Over a period of time, cold showers have an amazing natural ability to make you look attractive. Your skin pores shrink and unclog when subjected to cold water. It results in the bright and vibrant skin. As for the hair, cold showers flatten the hair follicles and improve their scalp-gripping ability. This results in shinier and healthier hair.

3. Builds emotional resilience

For people who get stressed out easily, a cold shower could do wonders! Just take a cold shower to de-stress yourself, and your emotional resilience builds up dramatically over time. It trains the nervous system to handle stress more effectively so that you can be calm and cool always.

4. Improves fertility

Cold showers are believed to increase male fertility rate! Yes, that’s true. Since hot baths are associated with contraceptive qualities, cold baths increase fertility. Cold baths increase the sperm count of a male by a whopping 491%, which is a staggering amount. So if you want to conceive fast ask your partner to jump into that refreshing cold shower for a great bath!

5. Improves blood circulation

Cold showers also have this amazing quality to increase blood circulation within our body. Taking a cold shower makes the blood inside our body accumulate around the organs more effectively. It increases arterial efficiency. Blood circulation improves our health, clears arterial clogging and lowers blood pressure levels.

6. Helps in fat-loss

Our body fat is of two types – brown and white. White is considered harmful. A cold shower may be one of the easiest ways to get rid of it. It activates the brown fat in our body, which in turn increases the energy and helps in keeping our body warm, and gets rid of the bad fat. To enhance the effect, ice baths is another alternative.

7. Helps in draining the lymphatic system

Our body’s lymphatic system removes waste and bacteria from the cells. However, there’s a problem associated with it. Unlike blood that is circulated throughout the body by the heart, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pumping system to circulate the lymph fluid. If the lymphatic system suffers a blockage, you might suffer from infections and diseases. Alternating between a hot and a cold bath eventually expands and contracts the lymph vessels, thereby removing any blockage and serving as a pump machine. The result is a healthier you.

8. Increases alertness

It’s a known fact that you might feel breathless when you first jump into a cold shower. But it helps you take in deep breaths. It subsequently increases the oxygen intake of your lungs and you’ll feel energetic. It also increases your level of alertness.

9. Helps you sleep well

Planning to jump into a cold shower right before bedtime? Although it might seem to be a scary thing to try, it’s not a bad idea. Cold showers work as a great sleep therapy.

What are you waiting for? If you want to have healthier skin or sleep better, take a cold water bath. You’ll be amazed by its numerous benefits.

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